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DNA comparison has become an important part of WikiTree's mission to connect the human family on one accurate single family tree.

We Put Your Test Results into Action

If you've taken a DNA test, WikiTree puts your test results into action for genealogy. (If you haven't taken a test yet, click here.)

WikiTree doesn't offer DNA testing and you don't upload the raw results of your test to WikiTree. We focus on what we do best: genealogy collaboration.

First, we help you share and collaborate with your DNA test matches — the distant cousins who inherited the same segments of DNA from the same ancestors.

→ You can use WikiTree to discover your common ancestors and put together information about them.

Image:WikiTree_Images-16.png Second, we do something that can only be done on a single, worldwide family tree: we connect distant cousins who may have inherited the same DNA from the same ancestors and invite them to compare test results.

→ You can use DNA tests to scientifically confirm or reject (yes, that's part of it!) the family tree relationships that we have put together using traditional genealogy, i.e. paper trails and personal recollections.

With millions of people taking DNA tests this is a wide open and rapidly expanding frontier for genealogy.

If you're just getting started with DNA on WikiTree, click here.

If you do nothing else, don't forget to select which DNA test you have taken here. This two-minute step gets things started in the background. We automatically connect the fact that you've taken a test to ancestors' and cousins' profiles where your test can be valuable.

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