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How to get there: Pull-Down Menus > Profile Menu > DNA

A person's DNA Ancestors page shows where they got their Y-chromosome (if they are male), mitochondrial DNA, and X-chromosome.

WikiTree's DNA Features include the following for all person profiles, living and dead:

  • DNA Tests page, for tracking testing they have taken.
  • DNA Ancestors page to see from whom they inherited their testable DNA.
  • DNA Descendants page to see who inherited their testable DNA.
  • DNA Ancestor Confirmation Aid for tracking the use of DNA testing to confirm their family tree.

To access them, click the DNA link from the person's pull-down menu.

You will not be able to access them if their family tree is private and you are not on the Trusted List.

DNA Ancestors pages take into account parents' Relationship Status. If a mother or father is marked as Confirmed with DNA or Uncertain this will be noted. If a parent is Non-Biological they and their ancestors won't appear in the Y or mt sections. They will appear in the X section, but the non-biological status will be highlighted.

descendant-link.gif Icons after parents' names link to their DNA Descendants pages.

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