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How to get there: Pull-Down Menus > Profile Menu > DNA

WikiTree's DNA Features include the following for all person profiles, living and dead:

  • DNA Tests page, for tracking testing they have taken.
  • DNA Ancestors page to see from whom they inherited their testable DNA.
  • DNA Descendants page to see who inherited their testable DNA.
  • DNA Ancestor Confirmation Aid for tracking the use of DNA testing to confirm their family tree.

To access them, click the DNA link from the person's pull-down menu.

You will not be able to access them if their family tree is private and you are not on the Trusted List.

DNA Ancestors Pages

A person's DNA Ancestors page shows where they got their Y-chromosome (if they are male), mitochondrial DNA, and X-chromosome.

DNA Ancestors pages take into account parents' Relationship Status. If a mother or father is marked as Confirmed with DNA or Uncertain this will be noted. If a parent is Non-Biological they and their ancestors won't appear in the Y or mt sections. They will appear in the X section, but the non-biological status will be highlighted.

descendant-link.gif Icons after parents' names link to their DNA Descendants pages.

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