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Almost 30% of the profiles on our shared tree now have DNA test connections!


What is a DNA Test Connection?

A DNA test connection is a notice on a WikiTree profile saying that someone has taken a DNA test which might be helpful for confirming or rejecting relationships to that person. See the right column of this profile for an example.

Essentially, a test connection is an opportunity to try to scientifically prove or disprove what's been established through traditional genealogy.

This is something that can only be done on a single family tree where we all collaborate on the same ancestor profiles. Our system is unique to WikiTree and:

  1. helps genealogists discover and confirm their ancestors, and
  2. helps WikiTree's mission to grow an accurate single family tree.

Test connections include paternal or maternal haplogroups[1] along with GEDmatch IDs with easy comparison links and other useful information.

What Profiles Get Connected to Your Test?

  • Y-Chromosome: If a male on WikiTree has taken a Y-chromosome DNA test we go all the way up the direct paternal line, father-to-father, to find the test-taker's earliest-known paternal grandfather. Then, starting with this earliest-known paternal grandfather, we go down all the direct male lines, not just the test-taker's own line. The system includes all sons and skips all daughters and profiles without a specified gender.
  • Mitochondrial: If a male or female on WikiTree has taken a mitochondrial DNA test we will go up the direct maternal line, mother-to-mother, to find the test-takers's earliest-known maternal grandmother. We then include all the children, male and female, of this earliest-known direct-line maternal grandmother. Then we take the daughters gathered in the previous step and add all her children, male and female. We repeat this down through all the generations. In every generation, all children are included, but only the children of daughters are included in the next generation. This is the same as what you see on the earliest-known maternal grandmother's DNA Descendants page in the mitochondrial section.

Connections for Surnames

You can see all the people on WikiTree with a given last name who have DNA test connections. This can be very helpful for surname studies.

For example, see Adams DNA Connections. Enter your own surname in the search form on that page.

Allow 24 Hours for New Connections

To get the process started all you have to do is say that you have taken the test. WikiTree does the rest.

The connections are made automatically, but not instantly. It may take up to 24 hours for tests to connect. It also takes up to 24 hours for tests to be removed when family relationships are changed.

  1. In the future, we hope to automatically alert members when haplogroups that should match conflict. Automatic detection of haplogroup conflict will be difficult for the foreseeable future because of the inconsistent naming of haplogroups and changing of haplogroup labels through time. This would require more technical sophistication in the programs and/or users. In the meantime, if a haplotype comparison chart exists on the Web then it can be linked from the note field. For example, see Peter Roberts' Family Tree DNA yDNA test page.
  2. The testing company is likely to give you matches who are beyond third cousins. However, those cousins can't be reliably expected to share significant segments of your DNA. No autosomal test can definitively confirm or rule out a family relationship, but it would be unusual for second or third cousins to not share significant segments.
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