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WikiTree limits the number of profile comments, photo comments, or private messages you can post per day.

Message Limits

Anonymous visitors and new members can only send a total of five (5) per day.

Signers of the Honor Code can send 30 per day.

We were forced to impose this (and many other unfortunate restrictions and inconveniences) because of spammers and scammers.

Some spammers get past all the other obstacles we place in their way. The message limit means that they can only do a limited amount of damage.

How they are Counted

Every profile comment and private message counts toward the combined total. It's this combined total that is limited to 5/30. That is, it's not that you can send 5/30 private messages and post 5/30 profile comments, it's that you can send/post a total of 5/30 messages or comments.

Profile comments are included because they generate e-mail messages to the Profile Managers.

Photo comments are also counted but they are counted separately.

The count is per 24-hour period, not per calendar day. This can be confusing if you send some messages at night and then more messages the next morning.

Exceptions to the Limits

There are exceptions to the limits for:

These leading members must understand the following: Large numbers of similar-looking messages can be confused with spam.

We have had cases where a well-intentioned WikiTree member posted nearly identical comments on hundreds of profiles in a single day. Since the profiles were in family lines, many of the comments were going to the same profile managers.

Even though this isn't commercial spam it gets WikiTree tagged as a spam website. If we have too many similar e-mail messages going out, automatic spam filters around the Internet start to kick in. Moreover, the person who receives a dozen copies of the same message may manually mark the messages as spam. This could mean that they won't receive any more WikiTree e-mail, and their e-mail provider may stop delivering WikiTree e-mail to their other users. We could even get put on spammer blacklists and not be able to deliver any e-mail to anyone.

E-mail is extremely important to how WikiTree functions. It's a huge problem for all WikiTree members if we can't deliver e-mail.

Members with extra message privileges must be careful about posting or sending large numbers of comments or private messages, especially if they're nearly identical and/or may be going to the same profile managers.

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