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What is the Data Doctors Challenge?

In April we host an annual Spring Clean-a-Thon to investigate and fix database errors found by Aleš in his WikiTree+ data analyses. These events have been a great way to improve our shared tree and have fun while doing it. This success led us to create weekly mini-challenges that are easy for anyone to participate in.

Early in the week we post the details in a G2G message. Everyone who helps appears in the leaderboard. The participant who does the most that week gets a trophy badge.

Below are the details on this week's challenge and how to participate. To make sure you hear about next week's challenge, follow the tag data_doctors or challenges.

Do you have a suggestion for a challenge? Add it here.


(Calendar 201811)

(Calendar 201812)

(Calendar 201901)

Challenge start date is approximate. It generally starts within few hours of posting new errors. It depends on when Aleš manages to prepare the errors.

Participation and Tracking

To participate, first click to the table on the report page for the current week.

The rows of this table show categories of errors, warnings, and suggested changes.

The columns show centuries, e.g. 1700-1799.

The cells have the number of profiles of people who were born or died in that century that have that error or suggestion.

Click on one of these numbers. That will show you the table of profiles. In the last column of this table are "STATUS" buttons.

When you correct an error, simply set the status and enter a comment for it.

There are five status options:

  • Comment (no change in status): This enables you to add a comment without changing the status.
  • Not corrected: This sets the error as not corrected. It will continue to be shown in all lists.
  • Corrected (hide until next recheck): This sets the error as corrected so it will be hidden from error reports until the next week. After that it will be shown again if it was not actually corrected.
  • False error (hide forever): This sets the error as a false error. It will be hidden from WikiTree+ error reports forever.
  • Proposed merge (hide for 30 days): This hides the error for 30 days thus giving a merge time to be completed. The error will be hidden from prepared error lists.

Each time you work on an error and set the status, you'll earn a contribution point.

Only the errors in the special report for the challenge (this week: Location IX) count for the challenge.

Tracking Results and Winners

Current challenge results

Reports By User By Suggestion By User and Suggestion By Suggestion and User By Suggestion Group and User Update frequency
Simple User Suggestion User and Suggestion Suggestion and User Sugg. Group and User 5 min
Detailed User Detailed Suggestion Detailed User and Suggestion Detailed Suggestion and User Detailed Sugg. Group and User Detailed 1 hour
By Day User by Day Suggestion by Day User and Suggestion by Day Suggestion and User by Day Sugg. Group and User by Day 1 hour
Total By Hour By Hour 1 hour

Previous challenge results

Challenge winners

Each weekly challenge ends Sunday at 11:59 pm EDT. The participant with the most points will be the winner for that week and earn the badge.


Here are the winners of previous challenges:

1World War II1,797NJ J. Penny689
2Father's Day1,340Emma McBeath275
3Merged Biographies3,959Darren Kellett652
4Vacation3,362Natalie J. Trott (Durbin)678
5Independence6,523NJ J. Penny2,042
6Marriage5,379Hans Hofmann1,125
7Merged Biographies2,490Darren J. Kellett235
8Notables1,735Paula J. Cullen472
9Names11,039Emma McBeath1,927
10Dates3,917Joe Cochoit1,061
11FindAGrave2,738Paula J. Cullen476
12Merged Biographies3,793Natalie J. Trott (Durbin)546
13Locations17,351Carolyn Martin 4,585
14Reference Tags16,151Dorothy Barry 2,466
15Orphans7,494NJ J Penny 1,001
16Merged Biographies 2,139G Redmond 376
17Locations22,366Morgan Mulligan 4,006
18Marriages2,870Amy Weimer 595
19Merged Biographies2,892Linda Barnett487
20Names6,140Dana J. Johnson847
21Dates1,693Joe Cochoit201
22Locations9,423Linda Green1,172
23Reference Tags9,430Morgan Mulligan1,603
24Merged Biographies2,154Esmé G. van der Westhuizen257
25Orphaned Profiles8,595 Deb Love 1,717
26Marriages2,564 Darren Kellett 501
27Find A Grave2,086 Jo M. Gill 198
28Names4,710 Linda Barnett 653
29Dates1,495 Esmé G. van der Westhuizen 444
30Locations11,772 Martin White 2,801
31Reference Tags11,008 Carolyn Martin 2,156
32Merged Biographies4,023 Kevin Sweet 931
33Orphaned Profiles8,688 Carolyn Martin 1,420
34Marriages 2,056Kevin Sweet 583
35FindAGrave2,484 Esmé G. van der Westhuizen 327
36Names2,531 Esmé G. van der Westhuizen 548
37Merged Biographies1,023 Melissa Mutimer 159
38Dates1,048 Esmé G. van der Westhuizen 230
39Locations10,636 NJ Penny 1,189
40Reference Tags8,658 Carolyn Martin 2,152
41Orphaned Profiles7,522 Rodney Long 1,810
42Marriages4,998 Esmé G. van der Westhuizen 930
43Death Dates5,099 Rosetta L. Link (Helm) 736
44Death Dates2,338 Esmé G. van der Westhuizen 288
45Death Dates2,403 Aleš Trtnik 425
46Death Dates3,658 Jelena Eckstädt 1,898
47Merged Biographies3,328 Terry McClintock 435
48Locations17,286 Terry McClintock 2,640
49Names4,557 Esmé G. van der Westhuizen 900
50Duplicates3,343 Brian Bourn 797
51Reference Tags7,580 Bobbie Hall 1,053
52Orphaned Profiles7,550 Rodney Long 1,369
53Marriages5,066 Jill Claus 735
54Find A Grave3,577 Esmé G. van der Westhuizen 703
55Locations10,883 K Anonymous 1,980
56Dates2,430 Merryl Hunkin 514
57Duplicates1,611 K Anonymous 288
58Merged Biographies1,875 Cindy Cooper 330
59Names3,870 Esmé G. van der Westhuizen 776
60Reference Tags6,366Andy Gürth 1,348
61Orphaned Profiles7,679 Carolyn Martin 1,526
62Marriages2,776 Linda Peterson 579
63Find A Grave4,357 Esmé G. van der Westhuizen 620
64Locations 10,830Cheryl Hess 2,088
65Dates2,761 Sherrie Shoforth 720
66Merged_Biographies2,925 Esmé G. van der Westhuizen 699
67Names10,814 Helen Bowden 1,534
68Reference Tags6,658 Helen Bowden 1,298
69Orphaned Profiles10,817Rodney Long 2,590
70Marriages3,868 Cory Fulmer 683
71Find A Grave7,525 Esmé G. van der Westhuizen 1,509

Please join the challenge! Everyone on WikiTree wins with a cleaner shared family tree.

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