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Discord is a live chat system used by many WikiTreers.


Discord for WikiTree Members

What is Discord?

Discord is a popular live chat program.

Forums or groups on Discord are called "servers." The WikiTree Discord Server is subdivided into "channels" for various WikiTree projects, special events, and specific topics.

Why use Discord for genealogy collaboration?

Discord enables rapid, back-and-forth communication. This can be very helpful for collaboration. It can also be fun. Conversations on Discord don't have to stay strictly focused because, unlike conversations in G2G and on WikiTree profiles, they are not tracked and saved forever.

Our community's courtesy guidelines and discussion rules do still apply, so it's a friendlier atmosphere than you see elsewhere on the internet.

Why is it called "Discord"?

Many people wonder about the name. "Discord" is the opposite of harmonious collaboration.

One of the founders is quoted as saying, "it just sounds cool." Discord was originally created for young gamers, so a "cool" sounding name was important to them.

How to get started

Access the WikiTree Discord Server here.

On your first visit, you will need to register for a free account on Discord. When you're done, you'll need to click the WikiTree Discord Server link again.

Do I need to download software?

No, but you can if you like. Once you have a free account with Discord, you can download their desktop app or continue accessing it through your web browser. There is also an app for Apple and Android phones.

How to verify your WikiTree account

On Discord you will see a list of "channels" on the left. Click to enter the wikitree-verification channel where you'll find instructions on how to add your WikiTree ID to your Discord nickname and tag the WikiTree Team to get verified.

Once verified, "roles" will automatically be assigned to your Discord profile within about five minutes. These roles give you access to private channels that correspond to projects and activities you participate in on WikiTree.

Take your time looking around and use the general-chat channel to say hello and ask questions.

Project Leader Information

Here is additional information for project leaders and coordinators who want to use Discord for their group collaboration.

How to invite project members

To invite your project members to the WikiTree Discord server, simply send them to this help page (<>).

Once your project member has been verified by a member of the Team, their roles will be automatically assigned according to the project badges on their WikiTree profile. Role assignment takes five minutes or less.

Once they've received your project's role assignment, they'll be able to see and participate in your project's channel(s).

Additional channels and servers

If you feel your project needs additional channels, please contact the Project Manager.

In the past, some projects set up their own servers, apart from the WikiTree server. We are currently recommending against this.

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