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Changing your e-mail address

To change your e-mail address, click to the edit page of your profile and replace the e-mail address in the E-Mail Address field. See and then save your changes. (Do not save your profile with an empty E-Mail Address field. See Close Account instead.)

Note that you will need to click the save button twice because the first time a pop-up will ask you to confirm the change.

Also note that your e-mail address is your WikiTree login. The next time you come to the site you will need to use your new e-mail address.

Deleting your e-mail address

Deleting your e-mail address means closing your account. Read this help page and be sure it is the last thing you want to do on WikiTree. Then use Close Account.

Note that deleting your e-mail address doesn't delete anything else that you or others may have entered about your family, and you won't have access to these profiles after you close your account. Using Close Account is a cleaner way to close your account.

Ending or reducing e-mail from WikiTree

You cannot end all e-mail from WikiTree without closing your account.

To reduce the amount of e-mail you receive, limit the number of profiles where you're on the Trusted List. Use the Trusted List Changes tool to remove yourself from many Trusted Lists all at once.

If you want to hear about updates to the profiles but not receive merge requests and private messages about them, simply remove yourself as the Profile Manager. Use the Manager Changes tool.

If you're not a Wiki Genealogist you can opt-out of certain types of e-mail messages. Go to Special:Settings.

Adding an e-mail address for someone else

You can include an e-mail address when you create a family member's profile, or at any time after that when you edit their profile.

Adding an e-mail address will automatically send that person an invitation to join you on WikiTree. You'll be able to include personal comments on the invitation.

After sending the invitation you'll be invited to bulk-add them to other family members' Trusted Lists.

We only send one invitation. We don't want to appear to be spammers. If you want to send a new invitation you'll need to use the "[reinvite]" link (which will appear next to their address, and next to their name on your Watchlist).

Changing or deleting an e-mail address for someone else

You can edit the e-mail address of anyone in your Watchlist in the same way as you edit your own address, unless they're an active user like you.

If they're an active user changing their e-mail address means changing their login. Therefore, the user has to do it themselves.

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