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Here is how to add and edit marriage information on WikiTree.


Adding Marriage Information

To add a marriage, click to the edit page for one spouse and look in the "Edit Family" section. Then create a new profile for a spouse or connect an existing profile for a spouse using the "[add/edit]]" link. See Help:Adding Family for more information on this.

When you add a spouse you are invited to include a date and location for the marriage.

Editing Existing Marriage Information

After two profiles are connected as spouses, as explained above, their marriage dates and location can be edited using the "[edit marriage]" link that appears in the Edit Family section next to their spouse's name on either profile's edit page.

Deleting or Hiding Marriage Information

To remove a spouse that is incorrect, because the couple was never married, click the "[add/remove spouse]" link that appears in the Edit Family section below the incorrect spouse's name.

For how to hide marriage information about a divorced couple, see Help:Multiple Marriages.

Indicating that Someone Never Married

If you know that someone never married, click the "[add/edit]" link by the spouses line in the "Edit Family" section of their profile's edit page. From there, scroll or click to the "unmarried" section.

Members sometimes ask why there isn't a button for this on the main edit page, like there is for "no siblings" and "no children." This may be something we can add in the future.

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