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Here is information on managing email addresses on WikiTree accounts.


Your Email Address on WikiTree

Changing your email address

To change your email address, click to the edit page of your profile and modify what appears in the Email Address field. Then save your changes. You will need to click the save button twice. The first time you click it you will see a pop-up that asks you to confirm the change.

Note that your email address is your WikiTree login. The next time you come to WikiTree you will need to use your new address to login.

Deleting your email address

You need an email address to be active on WikiTree. If you want to close your account, use Special:CloseAccount.

Problems with your email address


Email Addresses for Other People on WikiTree

Adding an email address for a family member

You can include an email address when you create a family member's profile, or at any time by entering it in the Email Address field on the edit page of their profile.

Adding an email address to someone's profile will send them an invitation to join you on WikiTree. You'll be able to include personal comments on the invitation. After sending the invitation you'll be invited to bulk-add the person to other family members' Trusted Lists.

We only send one invitation. We don't want to appear to be spammers. Many people do not see this invitation or forget about it. It's a good idea to contact your family member personally to confirm that they received the invitation. If they didn't, you can send them a new invitation with the "[reinvite]" link next to their Email Address field or by their name on your Watchlist).

Changing or deleting an email address for a family member

You can edit the email address of anyone in your Watchlist in the same way that you edit your own address until they have accepted the invitation and created an account password. After someone creates a password, only they can edit their email address.

If the family member has passed away or is incapable of accessing their account, contact us at

Email addresses in source citations, comments, etc.

Email addresses should only be entered in the Email Address field of profiles. Please never include an email address in a source citation, comment, biography, G2G post, etc.

Publicly posting someone else's email address can be considered a breach of privacy. It is treated very seriously in some legal jurisdictions. It is also likely to lead to spam for the person.

In March 2021, WikiTree began technically preventing email addresses from being added in most places. If you edit a profile which currently includes an email address in the text you will see a yellow warning. Please do not attempt to get around these restrictions by disguising email addresses by changing "@" to "at", "." to "dot", etc.

There are alternatives to email.

You can send a private message via a web form to any profile manager, including a project, by clicking on the link "[send private message]" next to the manager's name on the profile. Your own email address will be provided to the recipient so they can reply to you. See Help:Private Messages.

In G2G and profile comments, an email message is automatically sent to you when someone replies, unless you opt not to receive these messages.

Instead of putting email addresses in sources, options include: removing or redacting them; for an institution, a URL link to a contact web page; and for an individual, a link to their WikiTree profile (perhaps just a dormant guest one) so they can receive private messages as described above.

Email Messages from WikiTree

See Help:Email from WikiTree for a summary of the email messages that members receive from WikiTree.

Ending or reducing email from WikiTree

You cannot end all email from WikiTree without closing your account.

To reduce the amount of email you receive, limit the number of profiles where you're on the Trusted List. Use the Trusted List Changes tool to remove yourself from many Trusted Lists at once.

If you want to hear about updates to the profiles but not receive merge requests and private messages about them, simply remove yourself as the Profile Manager. Use the Manager Changes tool.

If you're not a Wiki Genealogist you can opt-out of certain types of email messages. Go to Special:Settings.

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