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Here is information on blocking accounts.

Always start at Problems with Members.

An emergency block is necessary if you see:

  • a spammer or non-genealogist vandal, or
  • a genealogist making serious mistakes that will be very hard to fix later (see Problems with Members for how to know).

Step One: Request a Block or Badge Removal

Unless you are a Project Leader or WikiTree Team member, e-mail and use the subject header: "Emergency block needed for profile-ID."

If you are a Project Leader, place the block or remove the pre-1700 badge and proceed to step two.

Step Two: File a Mentor Intervention Request

If the person is or was a legitimate member of our community (not a spammer or non-genealogist vandal) immediately after requesting or placing an emergency block or badge removal, file a Mentor Intervention Request and select option 3A.1.a.

The MIR is a necessary part of the "paper trail." It helps keep our problem escalation procedure organized, fair, and transparent.

Thank you for taking responsibility and helping.

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