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WikiTree Compared to Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a worldwide, collaboratively-created encyclopedia.

WikiTree is a worldwide, collaboratively-created family tree.

You might also think of WikiTree as an Encyclopedia of You.

Contributors to Wikipedia have created pages about almost everything imaginable, but probably not the people, places, and things that are most significant to you and your family.

Only famous people can be profiled on Wikipedia; chances are that only a few of your ancestors qualify. And you can only create entries for "significant" things, not for your wedding, or your house, or a family heirloom.

For example, Wikipedia might have an entry for the ship that your grandfather served on in World War 2. It's objective and descriptive. But you can't post photos of your grandfather on the ship or the stories he told about his service during the war on the Wikipedia page.

If you add a profile of the ship to WikiTree you'll have a way to share your grandfather's personal information about the ship. His shipmates or their families can share their own memories and photos. And it can be connected with profiles of your grandfather and these shipmates which are connected with their family members. The WikiTree pages might be partially or fully protected for privacy, but they're still interconnected.

It's All about Collaboration

All wikis are designed for collaboration on a common project.

Although we like using the "The Encyclopedia of You" phrasing, especially when describing the benefits of free-space profiles, we don't want to create duplicates, for example:

  • You and your spouse and your family members would share one page about your wedding.
  • You and your neighbors would share one page about your street or village.
  • You and the descendants of your ancestors' fellow veterans would share one page about their military unit.
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