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This page describes how we use and maintain example profiles. It is primarily for Project Coordinators and Project Leaders. If you're just looking for profile examples, see the Example Gallery.



Example profiles are permanently featured:

  1. In the Gallery of Examples. This gallery is linked to from multiple places.
  2. On the project home page for each project.

Each week, one example (the "Profile of the Week") is featured:

  1. On the main WikiTree home page.
  2. In our social media accounts.
  3. In the Connection Finder.
  4. In the "WikiTree News" section of the weekly activity e-mail update.


Every topical project and sub-project that manages profiles should select and maintain an example. The selected profile can change at any time.

The requirement only applies to projects with project boxes and project accounts. Free-space projects and other projects that don't collaboratively manage profiles don't need example profiles.

The example must be Open unless it's for a living person.

The more it can serve as an example of, the better. For example, it might include optional sections such as Research Notes with disputed parentage, etc. See the standards for longer narratives.

Projects generally only have one featured example. You can put up to three in the Gallery of Examples if it's helpful for the project and if they can all be maintained at the high standards described below. It is very important that all profiles in the Gallery of Examples meet our quality standards.

Quality Standards

These profiles should exemplify our styles and standards.

They must, of course, have biographies and sources.

They must adhere to name and location field guidelines, especially any that are project-specific.

They should have an image of the person, preferably a head shot, if available.

They should have sufficient inline citations.


As a project-managed profile, the example should be managed by the project account. It should not have a long list of other managers.

It should be closely watched.

If style rules change, the profile should be updated. Major rule changes don't happen often and Leaders are always a part of the discussion. See Developing New Rules.

Using {{Template:Example Profile}}

Each item in the Gallery of Examples uses Template:Example Profile.

The project home page should also use the template or a parallel one. This makes it easy for anyone to find the example.

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