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Click here to export a file from WikiTree. This page has information on exporting from another website or program.


Exporting from Another System

Desktop software may have a "File > Export" menu item.

Splitting a GEDCOM has some step by step instructions on exporting from various family tree programs and here are tips on exporting from

If you need help, ask a question in G2G to see if anyone else is using the same system as you.

What export options should you select?

Some systems will offer you export options. If any of these are offered:

  • File format: GEDCOM 5.5.
  • Character set: UTF-8. This is important if you have a significant number of accented or non-Latin characters.
  • Date format: DD MMM YYYY. Many other date formats will import but not always as well.
  • Include living people: Optional. Our system will use the privacy level defaults described here. After import you should evaluate the privacy levels to make sure they're correct and sufficient.
  • Exclude dates for living people: No. This is not an effective way to protect privacy on WikiTree. If dates are not included the profiles will be public (by default). If dates are included the profiles can be kept private.
  • Replace first names of living people with "Living": No. This wastes space on WikiTree. If our privacy protections won't be sufficient, don't include the people in your file.
  • Abbreviate tags: Yes. Some versions of Family Tree Maker apparently offer "abbreviate tags" as an option. Abbreviation is absolutely necessary. Proper GEDCOM tags are always abbreviations (e.g. the file should say INDI instead of INDIVIDUAL).

What if your family tree on the other system is too large?

This is a common problem. GEDCOMs with more than 5,000 people cannot be uploaded to WikiTree.

If your other system contains too many people, see splitting a GEDCOM.

Exporting from WikiTree

Click here to export a GEDCOM or for more information.

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