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Early Acadian Surnames: Standard spellings and links to Acadian First Families

Approximate time period covered: 1715 to 1780

Spellings. Name spellings often vary so much in early Acadian documents that the general guidelines are often not enough to help us decide which spelling of a given surname should be used. For the sake of consistency not only within WikiTree but also with the academic world, it is proposed that for profiles where the surname has not yet stabilized to a contemporary spelling we follow the convention used by Stephen A. White on pages 1595-1614 in his Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes (DGFA) for the Last Name at Birth fields.

Since the DGFA is not readily available to most, the following list will be used to keep track of ambiguous names as well as the form used in the DGFA by displaying it in bold. If a name is not yet in the list, send a message to a maintainer to have it added. If a name does not appear in the DGFA, a decision on a preferred version should be made by the group via a question on G2G with the "Acadia" tag. The DGFA covers the time period from 1715 to 1780.

Links to Acadian First Families. For many of the most common surnames, we haved added links to the ancestral patriarch and matriach who came to Acadia. We include their marriage details and the names of their children. Beside each name, there is a profile ID (e.g. LeBlanc-100) which links to the project-protected profile of that ancestor on WikiTree.

This information can be used in our greetings and messages to WikiTree members to inform them about profiles relevant to them and to prevent duplicate uploading. Send a message to the maintainers if there is a family link that you would like to add.

It is very much recommended that everyone add additional surname spellings to the "other last name" field. This field may also contain a woman's husband(s) name(s) even though we know Acadian women did not change their names at marriage. Acadian women's "current last name" is always the name they were born with. WikiTree searches use the other last name fields to search.

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Origins of this page

Created in response to this G2G question.

List of Surname spelling variations (preferred version in bold) and Links to Acadian First Families


  • d'Abbadie de Saint-Castin
    • Pioneer Family Jean Vincent d'Abbadie de Saint-Castin: DeStCastin-1 and Marie-Mathilde Pidianske: Pidicwanmiskwe-1 m.c1670, parents of Claire, 2 daughters whose names are unknown, Anastasie, Bernard, Bernard-Anselme, Jean-Pierre, Ursuline, Joseph, and Barenos. Jean Vincent also sired two daughters (one named Thérèse) with Marie-Mathilde's sister Pidiwammiskwa.
  • Agnet, dit Argencourt, Hoguenet
  • Aigron dit Lamothe, Egront, dit Lamotte
  • Allain
    • Pioneer Family Louis Allain: Allain-13 and Marguerite Bourg: Bourg-29 m.c1690, parents of Pierre and Marie.
  • Allain de La Motte
  • d'Allard de Sainte-Marie
  • Amariton
  • Amireau, dit Tourangeau, Mirault
    • Pioneer Family François Amireau: Amirault-1 and Marie Pitre: Pitre-1963 m. c1683, parents of Marie (dit Tourangeau), François (dit Tourangeau), Joseph, Anne, Jeanne, Madeleine, Pierre, Charles, Jacques, Marguerite, Elisabeth (Isabelle).
  • d'Aprendestiguy de Martignon, Arpentigny
  • Arsement, Arcement
  • Arseneau, Arsenault, Arceneaux, dit Brélé, dit Cointin
    • Pioneer Family Pierre Arseneau: Arseneau-10
      • m1. c1675 Marguerite Dugas: Dugas-91, parents of Pierre and Abraham;
      • m2 c1685 Marie Guérin: Guérin-51, parents of Charles, Jacques, François, Anne, Claude (dit Ambroise), Augustin, and Abraham.
  • Aubert
  • Aubert de La Chesnaye, de Forillon
  • Aubin
  • Aubois, Hautbois, dit Saint-Julien
  • Aubois, Dubois
  • Aucoin
    • Ancestral Patriarch and Matriarch: Martin Aucoin: Aucoin-53 and
      • m1 c1620 in France, Barbe Mignuet: Minguet-1, parents of Nicolas, Michelle, and Jeanne
      • m2 St-Barthélemy de La Rochelle France Marie Sallé: Salle-1 , parents of Jean.
    • Pioneer Family Martin Aucoin: Aucoin-29 and Marie Gaudet: Gaudet-15 m. c1673 in Port Royal, parents of Martin, Michel, Isabelle, Louise, Agnès, Alexis, Augustin, Cécile, Anne-Marie, Pierre, Réné, Catherine, Antoine, Françoise, Joseph, Jean, Charles, Baby Girl Aucoin.
  • Auger
  • Auger, dit Grandchamps
  • Auger, dit Saint-Julien


  • Babin, dit Barbe
    • Pioneer Family Antoine Babin: Babin-25 and Marie Mercier: Mercier-47 m. c1662, parents of Marie, Charles, Vincent, Jeanne, Marguerite, Catherine, Anne, Antoine, Madeleine, Françoise, and Jean.
  • Babineau, Babinot, dit Deslauriers
    • Pioneer Family Nicolas Babineau:Babineau-15 and Marie-Marguerite Granger:Granger-638 m. c1687, parents of René (dit Renaud), Geneviève, Clément, Joseph (dit Deslauriers), Marie, and Jean (Jean-Pierre dit Deslauriers).
  • Balan, dit Lacombe
  • Balon, dit Desfairens, Deferend
  • Baraguet
  • Baron
  • Barrat
  • Barrieau, Barriot, Bariault, Barillot
  • Basset
  • Bastarache, Basterretche, dit Le Basque, dit Basque
    • Pioneer Family Jean Bastarache:Bastarache-14 and Huguette Vincent:Vincent-391 m. c1684, parents of Marie-Anne, François-Marie, Anne, Jean and Pierre.
  • Bastineau, dit Peltier
  • Baucher, dit Morancy, dit Sansoucy
  • Baucher, Bochet, dit Saint-Martin
  • Baudry
  • de Bazonnière,
  • Beaufet, de Beaufet, Barfoot, Bouflets
  • Bellot
  • Bellot, dit Le Bourdellois
  • Benoit, dit Labrière, dit Bercasse
  • de Beraud, dit Monségur
  • Berger
  • Bergeron, dit d'Amboise, Damboise
    • Pioneer Family Barthélemy Bergeron:Bergeron-302 and Geneviève Serraut de Sainte Aubin:Serreau-1 m. c1695, parents of Bérthelemy, Marie, Michel, Augustin, Marie-Anne, and Anne-Marie.
  • Bernard
    • Pioneer Family René Bernard:Bernard-901 and Madeleine Doucet:Doucet-57 m. c1689, parents of René, Joseph, Marie, Jean-Baptiste, Anne, Marguerite, Joseph and Michel.
  • Bernard, dit Léveillé
  • Bernard, dit Renochet
  • Bernony, dit Irlandois
  • Bernony, dit Montaury
  • Berteau, Le Berteau, Bertaud, dit Lyonnais
  • Bertet
  • Bertrand
  • Bézier, dit Joan dit Larivière
  • Bindaux
  • Blanchard
    • Pioneer Family Jean Blanchard:Blanchard-92 and Radegonde Lambert:Lambert-395 m. c1642, parents of Madeleine, Anne, Martin, Guillaume, Bernard, and Marie.
  • Blin, Abelin, Hablain
  • Blondel
  • Blou, Belou
    • Pioneer Family Jacques Blou:Belou-1 and Marie Girouard:Girouard-35 m. c1669 at Port Royal, parents of Marie, Marguerite, Cecile, Madeleine, Marie-Josephe, Joseph, and Anne.
  • Bodart, Baudard
  • Boisseau
  • Boisseau, dit Blondin
  • Boissel
  • Boitier, dit Bérichon
  • Bonidel, Bonnidolle, dit Plaidien
  • Bonin, Bonnain de La Chaume
  • Bonnaud
  • Bonnevie, dit Beaumont
  • Bordages Note not in DGFA but in 37 Familles
    • Ancestral Patriarch/Matriarch of Acadian Bordages Family Raymond Bordages:Bourdages-4 and Esther LeBlanc:Leblanc-1749 m. c1755, parents of Marie-Charlotte, Jean-Marie-Oliver, Raymond, Benjamin-Marie, Louis-Marie, Michel, Marguerite-Esther, Marie-Antoinette, Victoire, Marie-Geneviève, Fréderic, and Antoine.
  • Bordoncle, de Bourdoncle, Bourdoncle, dit de Bourdeaux
  • Borny
  • Boucher
  • Boucher Note not in DGFA but in 37 Familles
    • Ancestral Patriarch/Matriarch of Acadian Boucher Family Joseph Boucher:Boucher-633 and Isabelle Martin:Martin-9407 m. c1769, parents of Joseph, Firmin, Jean-Baptiste, François, Anne, Michel, and Antoine.
  • Boucher, dit DesRoches, dit Villedieu
  • Boudet
  • Boudrot, Boudreau, dit Castor, dit Madouesse, dit Manne, dit Miquetau
    • Pioneer Family Michel Boudrot: Boudrot-14 and Michelle Aucoin: Aucoin-8 m. c1641, parents of Françoise, Jeanne, Charles, Marguerite, Marie, Jean, Abraham, Michel, Olivier, Claude and François.
  • Boulanger, dit Saint-Nicolas
  • Bourdon de Dombourg, de La Pinaudière
  • Bourdon de Romainville
  • Bourg, Bourc, Bourque, dit Bellehumeur, dit Canique
    • Family Pioneer Antoine Bourg: Bourg-126 and Antoinette Landry: Landry-17 m. c1642, parents of François, Marie, Jean, Bernard, Martin, Jeanne, Renée, Huguette, Jeanne, Abraham, and Marguerite.
  • Bourgeois
    • Pioneer Family Jacques Bourgeois: Bourgeois-8 and Jeanne Trahan: Trahan-8 m. c1643, parents of Jeanne, Charles, Germain, Marie (b.c1652, m.Germain Girouard), Guillaume, Marguerite, Françoise, Anne, Marie (b.c1665 m. Antoine LeBlanc), and Jeanne.
  • Bourque, see Bourg
  • Boutin
  • Bradstreet
  • Brassaud, Brassaux
  • Brasseur, Brasseux, Lebrasseur, dit la Citardy, dit Mathieu
    • Pioneer Family Mathieu Brasseur dit La Citardy: Brasseur-50 and Jeanne Celestin dit Bellemere: m. c1702, parents of Anne, Mathieu, Marie, Marguerite, Cosme (dit Brasseaux), Veronique, Jean, Claude (dit Paul) (dit MATHIEU), Marie-Genevieve, Joseph, and Isabelle (Elizabeth).
  • Breau, Brault, Bro, Brot
    • Pioneer Family Vincent Breau: Breau-18 and Marie Bourg :Bourg-38 m. c1661, parents of Marie, Antoine, Marguerite, Pierre, son unknown, Anne, François, Jean, Marie, Jeanne, René, and Elisabeth.
  • Brosseau
  • Brouillé, Brouillet, dit Grézé
  • Broussard, Brossard, dit Beausoleil
    • Pioneer Family François Broussard:Brossard-13 and Catherine Richard:Richard-34 m. c1678, parents of Madeleine, Pierre, Marie, Catherine, Elisabeth, François, Claude, Françoise, Alexandre, Joseph, and Jean-Baptiste.
  • Brun, Lebrun
    • Pioneer Family Vincent Brun:Brun-5 and Marie Renée Breau:Breau-4 m. c1644, parents of Madeleine, Andrée, Françoise, Sébastien, and Marie (Sébastien).
  • Bugaret, dit Saint-Martin
  • Bugeaud
  • Burel


  • Cachet
  • Cahouet
  • Caissie, Quessy, Kuessy, dit Roger
    • Pioneer Family Roger dit Jean Cassie: Kuessy-1 and Marie Françoise Poirier: Poirier-20 m. c1668, parents of Marie b.c1699, Jean, Pierre, Guillaume, Michel, Madeleine, and Marie b.c1697 .
  • Calvé, dit Laforge
  • Camert, Gamelle
  • Caplan
  • Carmel
  • Carne, Corne
  • Carrerot
  • Carret, Caré
  • Catalogne, de Catalogne, dit La Liberté
  • Cazenaud
  • Célestin, dit Belmère
  • Cellier, le Solier, dit Charet (Memcharet, Nemecharet), dit Normand
  • Cendre, Sandre, dit Causinier
  • Chalumeau
  • Chancelier
  • Channitteau
  • Charpentier
  • Châtigny, dit Lépine
  • Chauvet, dit La Gerne, La Jarne
  • Chebrat
  • Chênet, Chenais, Dubreuil dit Bouchard
  • Chevalier
  • Chevalier, dit La Tourasse
  • Chevros, Chevrel, dit Colloque
  • Chiasson, Giasson, dit Lavalée, Chaisson
    • Pioneer Family Guyon Chiasson: Chiasson-24 and
      • m1. Jeanne Bernard: Bernard-128 c1666, parents of Gabriel (dit Pierre), Françoise (dit Lavallée), Sébastien, child unknown, Jean, Michel, Marie, and Anne (dit Lavallée).
      • m2. Marie-Madeleine Martin: Martin-10922 7 Oct 1683, parents of Angelique, Geneviève, Marie-Madeleine, and Anne.
  • Choiseau
  • Chout, dit Des Sablons
  • Chouteau, dit Manceau, Manseau
  • Claude
  • Clémenceau, dit Beaulieu
  • Clermont, dit La Rose
  • Cochu, Cocheu
  • Coiffé
  • Collet NOTE it is not in the DGFA, but it is in 37 Familles
    • Patriarch/Matriarch of the Acadian Collet Family Julien Collet: Collet-32 and Rosalie Thériault: Thériault-27 m. c1775, parents of .
  • Comeau, dit Grandjean, dit L'Esturgeon, dit Des Loups-Marins, dit Maza
    • Pioneer Family Pierre Comeau: Comeau-17 and Rose Bayon: Bayon-3 m. c1649, parents of Étienne, Pierre the older called Esturgean, Françoise, Jean the elder, Pierre the younger, Antoine, Jeanne, Marie-Jeanne (Marie-Anne), and Jean the younger.
  • Commère, dit La Chapelle
  • Consolin
  • Cordeau, dit DesLauriers
  • Cordon
  • Cormier, dit De La Côte, dit Rossignol
    • Pioneer Family Robert Cormier: Cormier-95 and Marie Péraud: Péraud-5 m. c1635, parents of Thomas, and Jean.
    • Pioneer Family Thomas Cormier: Cormier-28 and Marie-Madeleine Girouard: Girouard-36 m. c1668, parents of Marie-Madeleine, François, Anne, Alexis, Germain, Pierre, Claire, twins Marie and Agnès, and Jeanne.
  • Corporon
  • Coste
  • Cottard, Coutard, dit La Rose
  • Coupiau, dit Desaleur
  • Courpon, Corpon, Corpont, de
  • Courthiau
  • Cousin
  • Crépeau
  • Cronier, dit Rabau
  • Croteau
  • Cyr, Sire
    • Pioneer Family Pierre Cyr: Cyr-787 and Marie Bourgeois: Bourgeois-20 m. c1670, parents of of Jean, Pierre, and Guillaume.


  • Daccarrette
  • Dadaupe
  • Daigre, Daigle
    • Pioneer Family Olivier Daigre: Daigre-4 and Marie Gaudet: Gaudet-13 m. c1666 in Port-Royal, parents of Jean, Jacques, Bernard, Unknown girl, Louis, Olivier, Jean, Marie, Anne, and Pierre.
  • D'Amours de Chauffours, de Clignancour, de Courberon, de Courcille, Du Jour, de Freneuse, de Jemseg, de L'Isle Ronde, de Louvières, de Plaine.
  • Mathieu D'Amours de Chauffour: D'Amours-33, Sieur de Matane, born in France who married Marie Marsolet: Maroslet-1 in Quebec (City) and had a succesful career in Quebec. He received a land grant at the Riviere St-Jean in Acadia. Two of his sons Louis and Mathieu, who had a double wedding with two Guyon sisters Marguerite and Louise in Quebec, settled in Acadia:
    • Louis D'Amours (de Chauffours and de Jemseg): Damours-6 and
      • m1 Marguerite Guyon: Guyon-240 1 Oct 1686 at Quebec, parents of Marie-Josèphe, Charlotte, and Louis: Damours-5 (without issue).
      • m2 Anne Comeau: Comeau-132 at Port-Royal on 17 Jan 1708 (no children)
    • Mathieu D'Amour (de Freneuse): D Amours-63 and Louise Guyon: Guyon-241, parents of Joseph, Louis, François-Mathieu, Nicolas, and Jean.
  • Dangeac, d'Angeac, de Merville
  • Darembourg, Haranboure
  • Daresche
  • Darois, d'Aroy, Darouette
  • Daspestenguy
  • Dauphin
  • David, dit Pontif
  • Degré
  • Dejalur
  • Delort
  • Démoillon, Desmolons
  • Deneau
  • Denis dit Jean
  • D'Entrement see Mius
  • Denys de Bonaventure, Du Tartre, de Fronsac, de La Broquerie, de La Bruère, de La Ronde, de La Trinité, de Saint-Simon, de Vitré
  • Deriboyen dit Valentin
  • Dervilliers
  • DesRoches, DeRoche
  • Destouches
  • Detcheverry Dechevery, dit Domingo
  • Devarennes, Gaultier de Varennes. Note not in DGFA but in 37 familles
  • Deveau, Devaux, Devost, dit Dauphiné
  • Dihars, Diers, dit Beaulieu, dit Estevin
  • Doiron, Douaron, dit Gold, dit Gould
    • Pioneer Family Jean Doiron:Doiron-27 and
      • m1. Marie-Anne Canol: Canol-2c1671, parents of Abraham, Charles, Jeanne, Jean, Pierre b.c1680, Philippe, Noel, Marie, Jacques, Louis, and Anne-Marie.
      • m2. Marie Trahan: Trahan-96c1693, parents of Marguerite, Thomas, Paul, Alexandre, Madeleine, Pierre b.c1706, and Catherine.
  • Doucet, de La Verdure, dit Laurent, dit Maillard, dit Prudent
    • Pioneer Family Germain Doucet: Doucet-20 and a unknown spouse, parents of Pierre, Marguerite, an unknown girl, and Germain
  • Doucet, dit Lirlandois
  • Doyen
  • Druce
  • Dubois
  • Dubois, dit Dumont
  • Duboisberthelot, de Beaucour
  • Dubordieu
  • Dufaux
  • Dugand
  • Dugas, dit Grivois, dit Plaisent
    • Pioneer Family Abraham Dugas: Dugas-62 and Marguerite Doucet: Doucet-23 m.1647, parents of Marie (b.c1648 m.Charles Melanson), Claude, Anne, Martin, Marguerite, Abraham, Madeleine, and Marie (b.c1667 m. Andre LeBlanc).
  • Duon dit Lyonnais
  • Dupleix dit Sylvain
  • Dupont, Duchambon, Du Maine, Duregard, Duvivier, de Gourville, de La Garde, de Médillac, de Mézilliac, de Renon, de Vannes, de Vergor
  • Dupré
  • Dupuis, Dupuy
    • Pioneer Family Michel Dupuis:Dupuis-41 and Marie Gautrot:Gauterot-13 m. c16, parents of Martin, Jeanne, Pierre, Jean, and Marie.
  • Dupuis dit Parisien
  • Durand


  • Énault, Esnault, Hénault, de Barbaucannes


  • Fardel, Fredelle
  • Félipé, Félippé
  • Ferrand
  • Ferret
  • Ferté
  • Flan, Flanc
  • Fontaine, dit Beaulieu
  • Forest, Forêt, de Forest, dit Michel
    • Pioneer Family Michel Forest:Forest-85 and
      • m1. Marie Hébert:Hebert-121 m. c1666, parents of Michel, Pierre, René, Gabrielle (dit Michel), Marie, Jean-Baptiste.
      • m2. Jacqueline (Jacquette) Benoit Benoit-40 m. c1686, parents of Marguerite.
  • Forton
  • Fougère
  • Frécant, Frican, Fréquant


  • Galbaret de, Degalbarrer
  • Gallant, see Haché
  • Gannes de Chamallé, Du Grand Chamallé, de Falaise, de La Chancellerie, de La Fontaine, de Mondidier, de Rosne, de
  • Garceau, dit Boutin, dit Richard, dit Tranchemontagne
  • Gareau, Garault
  • Gaudet, Godet, dit Denis, dit Varouel
  • Gauthier
  • Gautrot, Gautreau, Gauthreau, Gotro, Gottreau, dit Maringouin
    • Pioneer Family François Gautrot: Gauterot-3 and
      • m.1 Marie Unknown: Unknown-240521 m. c1635, parents of Marie and Charles.
      • m.2 Edmée (Aimee) Lejeune: Lejeune-21 m. c1644, parents of Marie, Jean, Renée, Marguerite, François, Claude, Charles, Jeanne and Germain.
  • Gauvin
    • Patriarch/Matriarch of the Acadian Gauvin Family (Currently Southeast New Brunswick) Jacques-Roch Gauvin: Gauvin-6 and Marie Guay dit Castonguay: Castonguay-5 m. 1 Feb 1752.
    • Patriarch/Matriarch of the Acadian Gauvin Family (Currently Northeast New Brunswick) Charles-François Gauvin: Gauvin-8 and
      • m.1 Marie-Marthe Bélanger: Belanger-541 m. 24 Nov 1749 St-Roch-des-Aulnaies, Quebec.
      • m.2 Marie-Françoise Dubé: Dubé-82 m. 23 Aug 1751 St-Roch-des-Aulnaies.
  • Gelos, de
  • Genesis
  • Genest, dit Labarre
  • Gentil
  • Giboire, Duvergé, dit La Motte
  • Gilbert, Gillebert
  • Gionet NOTE the family is not in the DGFA nor 37 Familles
    • Ancestral Patriarch/Matriarch of the Acadian Gionet Family François Gionet: Gionet-3 and
      • m1. Marie Le Vicaire: LeVicaire-2 m.c1762, parents of four sons (Pierre, François, Jean, and Charles) and seven daughters (Geneviève, Marguerite, Anne-Marie, Madeleine, Marie, Félicité and Victoire).
      • m2. Marie Albert: Albert-181 m. Aug 24 1795
  • Girouard, Girroir, dit Lavaranne
    • Pioneer Family François Girouard: Girouard-34 and Jeanne Aucoin: Aucoin-10 m. c1647, parents of Jacques (dit Jacob), Marie, Marie-Madeleine, Germain, and Anne (Anne-Charlotte).
  • Godin, dit Beauséjour, dit Bellefeuille, dit Bellefontaine, dit Boisjoli, dit Chântillon, dit Desrochers, dit Lincour, dit Préville, dit Valcour
  • Goguen, Guéguen (note this name is not in DGFA, but is in 37 familles)
    • Pioneer Family Joseph Goguen:Goguen-10 and
      • m.1 Anne Arsenault:Arsenault-22 m. 1760 baie des Ouines (Baie Ste-Anne NB), parents of Joseph, Jean Baptiste, Marie, Anne-Marie, and Marguerite.
      • m.2 Marie Caissie: Caissie-30 m. c1770 parents of Anne, Madeleine, and Marie-Henriette.
      • m.3 Anne Surette:Surette-44 m. 19 Feb. 1808 in Cocagne NB, parents of Rosalie, Damien, Maximilien, Domithilde,
  • Gonillon, de, dit Saint-Louis
  • Gosselin, Josselin, dit La Chapelle, dit Beausoleil
  • Gossin
  • Gougeon
  • Gourdeau, de Beaulieu, de La Grossardière
  • Goutin, Degoutin, de Brécourt, de Ville, de Gouzil (Gousille, Gougy)
  • Grande-Claude
  • Granger
  • Gravois
  • Grégoire
  • Guédry, dit Grivois, dit Laverdure
  • Guénard, Gainer, Gaignaire, dit Gaudereau
  • Guérin
  • Guérin, dit Laforge
  • Guilbeau, dit L'Officier
  • Guillot, Guyot
  • Guy, dit Tintamarre
  • Guymerat, dit Samson
  • Guyon, Dion, dit Després


  • Haché, Larché, dit Gallant
    • Pioneer Family Michel Haché called Gallant: Haché-60 and Anne Cormier: Cormier-92 m. c1690, parents of Michel, Joseph, Marie, Jean-Baptiste, Charles, Pierre, Anne, Marguerite, François, Marie-Madeleine, Jacques, and Louise.
  • Harbour, Arbour
  • Hatbe, dit Lirlandois
  • Hébert, dit Baguette, dit Boudiche, dit Canadien, dit Cobit, dit Laprade (La Pradelle), dit Manuel
  • Henry, Henri, dit Robert, dit Le Neveu
  • Héraut, dit Berterot
  • Héron, dit Parisien
  • Herpin, dit Mimerole, dit La Ramée
  • Hertel, de Rouville, dit Labrador
  • Hill, dit Montagne (La Montagne)
  • Hiriard, d'Hiriart
  • Huret, Lurette, dit Rochefort


  • 'Imbert, dit Hébert


  • Jacau, Jacob, de Fiedmont
  • Joffriau
  • Johnson, dit Jeanson
  • Joseph, dit Lejeune
  • Jouglas
  • Joybert, de Soulanges, de Marson, de


  • Labarre
  • Labat, dit Le Marquis
  • Labat, Labatte, de
  • Labauve, Labove, Labos, de
  • Laborde, de
  • La Boulais, de Saillans, de
  • Lachapelle
  • La Chaume, dit Loumeray
  • Lafard, Laffard, Lafart
  • Lafargue, de
  • La Forest, de
  • Lafosse
  • La Gaillarde
  • Lagerce
  • Lagnou
  • La Grange
  • Lagrue
  • La Jeunesse
  • Lalande, dit Bonappétit, Des Brousses
  • Lalloue
  • Lambert
  • La Montagne
  • Lamoureux, dit Rochefort
  • Landry dit Labbé, dit Croqs
    • Pioneer Family René Landry the elder: Landry-19 and Perinne Bourg: Bourg-20 m.c1645, parents of Marie b.c1646, Marie b.c1650, Madeleine, Pierre, and Claude.
    • Pioneer Family René Landry the younger: Landry-70 and Marie Bernard: Bernard-888 m.c1659, parents of Antoine, Claude, Cécile, Jean, René, Marie, Marguerite, Germain, Jeanne, Abraham, Pierre, Catherine, Anne, Charles, and Isabelle.
  • Langlois
  • Langlois, dit Saint-Jean
  • Lanoue
  • Lapierre, dit Laroche
  • Laroche
  • Lart, dit Alarie, dit Allard, dit Bertrand, dit Laramée
  • Lartigue
  • La Rue, de La Pépinière, de
  • La Salle, de
  • La Salle, de Sertrouville, de
  • Lasnier
  • Lasson, de
  • Laussois
  • Laverdure, see Melanson
  • Lavergne
  • Le Basque
  • Le Bassier, de Villieu
  • Lebert, dit Jolycoeur
  • LeBlanc
    • Pioneer Family Daniel LeBlanc: LeBlanc-100 and Marie Gaudet: Gaudet-14 m. c1650, parents of Jacques, Marie Françoise, Étienne, René, André, Antoine and Pierre.
  • Lebon, Debon
  • Le Borgne, de Bélisle, de Belle-Isle, Du Coudray
  • Le Buffe
  • Leclerc, dit Laverdure
  • Le Creux Dubreuil
  • Lecul, dit Guy
  • Lefebvre, Lefevre, de Montespy
  • Lefebvre, dit de Bellefeuille
  • Legendre, dit Bélair
  • Léger, dit La Grange
  • Léger, dit La Rosette
    • Pioneer Family Jacques Léger dit La Rosette: Léger-125 and Madeleine Trahan: Trahan-97 m. before 1693, parents of Jacques, Marie-Anne, Maire, son unknown, Françoise, Marie-Françoise (dit Lar Rosette), Jean, Madeleine, François, Marguerite, and Elisabeth.
  • Le Godelier
  • Le Gouès
  • Le Grand
  • Le Gros
  • Le Hauguet, Hogué
  • Lejeune, dit Briard, dit Labrière
  • Lejeune, see Joseph
  • Le Juge
  • Le Large
  • Le Manquet, dit Benjamin
  • Le Moyne, d'Iberville, d'Ardillières
  • Le Neuf, de Beaubassin, de Boisneuf, de Canceau, de La Poterie, de La Vallière
  • Le Normant, de Mézy
  • Le Page, dit Mathieu
  • Le Poupet, de Saint-Aubin, de La Boularderie
  • Le Prieur, dit Dubois
  • Leprince, Prince
  • Lereau, L'Hérault, L'Heureux
  • Le Roy
  • Le Roy, dit L'Espérance
  • Le Sourd, dit Duchesne
  • LeTourneur
  • Létourneau, Letourneau, LeTourneau (not in DGFA)
  • Létrange, dit Saint-Antoine
  • Le Vanier, dit Langevin
  • Levasseur, de Saint-Laurent
  • Levron, dit Métayer, dit Nantois
  • L'Hermite
  • Longuépée
  • Loppinot, de La Frésillière
  • Lord, Laure, L'Or, dit Lamontagne
  • Lore
  • Loréal
  • Louet
  • Lucas, dit de La Hongrie
  • Luce, dit La Croix


  • McCarthy
  • Maher, Mayer
  • Maillet, dit Passepartout
  • Maillet NOTE, this family is not in the DGFA but is in 37 familles.
    • Patriarch/Matriarch of the Acadian Maillet Family Jacques Maillet: Maillet-32 and Madeleine Hébert: Hébert-715 m. 25 Nov 1720, parents of 13 children including Antoine-Salomon and Charles.
  • Maisonnet, dit Baptiste
  • Mangeant, Meaugent, Mongeon, Mongeau, dit Saint-Germain
  • Mangoneau
  • Marchand, Marchandin, Marcheguay, dit Poitiers
  • Mariocheau
  • Marres, Mars, dit La Sonde
  • Martel, de Magos, de Belleville, de La Porcherie, de Saint-Antoine
  • Martin
  • Martin, dit Barnabé, dit Pelletret
    • Pioneer Family Barnabé:Martin-2016 and Jeanne Pelletret: Pelletret-3 m. c1666, parents of Marie, René, daughter unknown, Madeleine, Jeanne, Etienne, Cécile, and unknown child.
  • Mason, de
  • Mathieu
  • Maucaire, Maucaer, Guaire, Gure
  • Mazerolle, Mezerrolet, dit Saint-Louis
  • Melanson Mellason, dit Laverdure, dit La Rameé
    • Pioneer Family Pierre Laverdure: Laverdure-4 and Priscilla Unknown-198875 m. c1631 in England, parents of Pierre (dit Laverdure), Charles (dit La Rameé), and Jean (John).
  • Ménard
  • Meneux, dit Châteauneuf
  • Mennes, de, dit Beauregard
  • Menou, d' Aulnay, de Charnizay, de
  • Merçan, Marsan, dit Lapierre
  • Mercier
  • Mercier, dit Caudebec
  • Meschine, Meschein
  • Meunier
  • Michel, dit La Ruine
  • Michel, dit Saint-Michel
  • Mignier, dit Lagassé
  • Mignot, Migneau, dit Aubin, dit Châtillon
  • Million
  • Milly, dit La Croix
  • Mirande, dit Tavare
  • Mius, d'Entrement, d'Azy, Dasy, de Pleinmarais, de Pobomcoup
    • Pioneer Family Phillipe Mius: Mius-18 and Madeleine Hélie: Helie-2 m. c1649, parents of Marguerite, Jacques, Abraham, Philippe, and Madeleine.
  • Moisan, Moysan
  • Mombeton, de Brouillan, de Saint-Ovide
  • Monmellian, dit Saint-Germain
  • Mons, dit Lamontagne
  • Morcoche, de
  • Morin, dit Boucher, dit Beauséjour, dit Bonsécours, de Cloridan, dit Ducharme
    • Pioneer Family Pierre Morin: Morin-217 and Marie-Madeleine Martin: Martin-5611 m. c1661, parents of Pierre, Louis, Antoine, Marie, Anne, Jacques the elder, Charles, Marguerite, Jean, Jacque-François, Simon-Joseph, Jacques the younger.
  • Morin, de Fonfay, dit Langevin
  • Morin, dit Valcour
  • Morpain
  • Motin, de Reux, de Corcelles
  • Moulaison, Moulezon, Moulizot, Oulizon, dit Rencontre
  • Mouton
  • Moyen
  • Moyse, dit Latreille


  • Nadeau, Nadau, dit La Chapelle
  • Naquin, dit L'Etoile
  • Nuirat, Nuyratte


  • Orillon, Orion, dit Champagne
  • Orion, Orillon
  • Ostendeau, Ostando
  • Oudy, Audy, Houdy
  • Outlan, Houtelas, Outlaw
  • Ozelet, Osselet


  • Paquiau, Paquyot
  • Paris
  • Part, dit Laforest
  • Passard, de La Bretonnière
  • Pastour, de Costebelle, de La Boissière, de Mérieu
  • Pelain, de Linbart, dit Tarabillon
  • Pellerin, dit Caudebec
  • Pelletret, Peltret
    • Pioneer Family Simon Pelletret: Pelletret-5 and Perinne Bourg: Bourg-20 m. c1640, parents of Henriette and Jeanne.
  • Périgault
  • Perré
  • Pesseley, Pesselet, Paisseley
  • Petitot, dit Saint-Seine
  • Petitpas
    • Pioneer Family Claude Petitpas: Petitpas-15 and Catherine Bugaret: Bugaret-2 m. c1658, parents of Bernard, Marguerite, Claude, Jean, Jacques, Marie, Isabelle (Elizabeth), Henriette, Paul, Charles, Martin, Pierre, and Anne.

  • Piat, dit La Bonté
  • Pichot, Pichaud
  • Picot, dit La Rigueur
  • Pilotte, dit Sans Soucy
  • Pineau
  • Pinet, dit Pinel
  • Pisnet
  • Pitre, dit Nordest, dit Marc
    • Pioneer Family Jean Pitre:Pitre-7 and Marie Pesseley:Pesseley-2 m. c1665, parents of Marie, Catherine, Claude, Marc, son unknown, Pierre, Jean, François, Marguerite, Jeanne b.c1685, and Jeanne b.c1688.
  • Poirier
  • Poirier, dit de France
    • Pioneer Family Jean Poirier: Poirier-74 and Jeanne Cherbrat: Cherbrat-1 m. c1647, parents of Marie-Françoise and Michel.
    • Pioneer Family Michel Poirier dit LeFrance: Poirier Dit de France-1 and Marie Chiasson: Chiasson-23 m.c1692, parents of Michel, Marie(-Anne), Cécile, François, Madeleine, Joseph, son unkown, son unknown, Pierre, Marguerite, René, and Philippe. Note: Michel was a nephew of Jean
  • Poitevin, dit Parisien, dit Cadien
  • Poitiers Dubuisson
  • Porlier
  • Potet
  • Pothier, Potier, Poitiers
  • Pouget, Pochet, Lapierre
  • Poulet
  • Préjean, dit Le Breton
    • Pioneer Family Jean Prejean dit Le Breton: Prejean-7 and Andree Marguerite Savoie: Savoie-1 m.c1683, parents of Marie, Anne, Pierre the elder, Jean-Baptiste, Francois, Madeleine, Joseph, Marie-Josephe, Nicolas, Charles, Pierre the younger, and Honore.
  • Prétieux
  • Provost, Prévost
  • Pugnant, dit Destouches


  • Rabas, Rabasse, dit La Pichardière
  • Racois, dit de Rosier
  • Rainville, dit Drainville
  • Raux, Rhault
  • Rau, Reau
  • Raymond
  • Renaud
  • Renaud, Regnault,, dit Bordenage
  • Rennereau, dit La Framboise
  • Renoyer
  • Richard, dit Beaupré, dit Boutin, dit Canadien, dit Lafond, Lafont, dit Magdelaine, dit Martinet, dit Sansoucy
    • Pioneer Family Michel Richard: Richard-74 and Jeanne Babin:Babin-11 m. c1687 in Port-Royal, parents of René, Pierre, Catherine, Martin, Alexandre, twins Anne and Madeleine, Marie Josephe, Cecile, and Marguerite.
  • Ricord, Ricaux, dit Le Goff
  • Rictor
  • Rimbault, Raimbeau
  • Rivet
  • Robichaud, dit Cadet, dit Niganne, Dit Prudent
    • Pioneer Family Etienne Robichaud: Robichaud-81 and Françoise Boudrot: Boudrot-28 m. c1663, parents of of Madeleine (dit Cadet), Charles (dit Cadet), Prudent, Marie, Alexandre, and François (dit Niganne).
  • Robineau, dit Promville
  • Rodrigue, dit de Fonds
  • Rogeon, Royon, dit Le Suisse
  • Roger
  • Rolland, dit La Rivière
  • Romain, dit Saint-Antoine Le Passager
  • Rousseau
  • Rousseau d'Orfontaine, de Villejoin
  • Roy, Le Roy, dit Laliberté, dit Poitvin
    • Pioneer Family Jean Roy: Roy-1390 and Marie Christie Aubois: Aubois-2 m.c1686, parents of Anne, Marie (dit Laliberté), Jean, François, Philippe, Charles, Marie-Madeleine, Marie-Françoise, and René(Renaud).


  • Saint-Étienne de La Tour, Turgis, de Saint-Georges
  • de Saint-Vincent de Narcy
  • Samson
  • Santier
  • Saulnier, Sonnier
    • Pioneer Family Louis Saulnier: Saulnier-25 and Louise Bastineau: Bastineau-1 m. c1684, parents of Jacques, Geneviève, Marguerite, Marcel, René, Louise, Marie-Anne, Pierre, Marie, Marguerite, Etienne, Agathe, Jean and Catherine.
  • Saux, sceau, Saulx, dit La Croix, dit Baron
  • Savary
  • Savoie, dit Saint-Sauveur
    • Pioneer Family François Savoie: Savoie-9 and Catherine Lejeune: Lejeune-11 m.c1651, parents of Françoise, Germain, Marie, Jeanne, Catherine, François, Barnabé, Andreé, and Marie-France.
  • Serreau, de Saint-Aubin, dit Saint-Aubin
  • Siblau
  • Sicot, Chiquot
  • Simon, Symon, dit Boucher, dit Le Boucher
  • Soulard
  • Soulevent, Soulevent
  • Spar, Haspart
  • Sudois, Suédois
  • Surette
    • Patriarch/Matriarch of the Acadian Surette Family Pierre Surette: Surette-6 and Jeanne Pellerin: Pellerin-4 m. c1709, parents of Pierre, Joseph, Anne, Marie-Josèphe, Paul (jumeau), Madeleine (jumelle), Marguerite, Françoise, and Théotiste.


  • Testard, dit Paris
  • Thébeau, Thébaut, Tibaude
    • Patriarch/Matriarch of Thébaut Acadian Family Pierre Thébaut: Thibault-77 and Jeanne Comeau Comeau-62 m. Nov 26 1703 in Port-Royal Acadia, parents of Marguerite and Jacques-François.
  • Thériot, Terriot, Thériault, dit Bernard
    • Pioneer Family Jean Thériot: Thériot-99 and Perinne Rau: Rau-71, parents of Claude, Jean, Bonaventure (dit Venture), Jeanne, Germain, Catherine, and Pierre.
  • Thesson, dit La Foury
  • Thibodeau, dit Castin, dit La Croix
    • Pioneer Family Pierre Thibodeau: Thibodeau-30 and Jeanne Thériot: Thériot-100 m. c1660, parents of Marie b.c1661, Marie b.c1663 , Marie b. c1664, Anne-Marie, (Marie-)Catherine, Pierre, Jeanne, Jean, Antoine, Pierre le jeune, Michel, Cécile, Anne-Marie, Claude, Catherine-Josèphe, and Charles.
  • Thomas
  • Thomas, dit Beaulieu
  • Tillard
  • Tompique, Pit dit, dit Pisk, dit Chevalier de L’Isle-Longue
  • Toulon de Basquerie, de
  • de Tour de Sourdeval
  • Toussaint, Toussin, dit Lajeunesse
  • Trahan
    • Pioneer Family Guillaume Trahan: Trahan-104 and
      • m. Françoise Corbineau: Corbineau-3 on 13 Jul 1627 in St-Etiennne de Chinon, France, parents of Jeanne and unknown child.
      • m. Madeleine Brun: Brun-10 c1666, parents of Guillaume, Jean-Charles, Alexandre, Marie, daughter unknown, Jeanne, and Madeleine.
  • Triel, Triguel, Triquel, dit Laperrière, dit Patron
  • Trotel, dit Amus
  • Tullon, de la Galenderie
  • Turpin, dit la Giroflée


  • Valade
  • Valleau, dit le Gascon
  • Vallée
  • Vautour Note, not in DGFA but in his 37 Familles paper
    • André de Vautour migrated from France to New France (Quebec), marrying Catherine Cherlot in Montreal on 7 January 1688. Their second son Joachim married Marie-Madeleine Miranda at St-Pierre, l'isle d'Orleans on 3 Feb 1712. Two of their sons went to Acadia, and one had children. The ancestral patriarch and matriarch of the Acadian Vautour Family are Joachim-Pierre Vautour: Vautour-23 and Marie-Josèph Vivier dit Molleur: Vivier dit Molleur-1, parents of Pierre, Marie-Josèph, Geneviève, Jean-Baptiste, Charles dit Charlot, Joseph, Louis dit Louison, Alexis, and Joseph-Hubert.
  • Vécot, Vescot, Bécot, Bécault
  • Verrier
  • de Verreville
  • Viarrieu dit Duclos
  • Vigneau, Vignot dit Laverdure, dit Maurice
  • Villatte
  • Villedieu
  • Vincent, dit Clement
  • Vincent, dit Desmarets
  • Vrignaud


  • Winniett, Ouinet


  • Zemard, Smart

Appendix: Acadian First Families' Highlights

Acadian First Family' Highlights
Jean Vincent d'Abbadie & Marie-Mathilde m. c1670 French Baron weds Amerindian Princess, Founder Castine Maine, mtDNA
Louis Allain & Marguerite Bourg m. c1690 Mill Contractor, Entrepreuneur, Allain River NS, mtDNA
François Amireau & Marie Pitre m. c1683 Pioneer, Amireau Street & School, Dieppe, NB, yDNA, mtDNA
Pierre Arseneau & Marguerite Dugas& Marie Guérin Pioneer, Coastal Pilot, Co-Found Beaubassin, Prolific, yDNA, mtDNA
Martin Aucoin & Marie Gaudet m. c1673 Pioneer, Settle in Beaubassin & Minas Basin, mtDNA
Antoine Babin & Marie Mercier m. c1662 Pioneer, Settle in Port Royal by 1671, mtDNA
Nicolas Babineau & Marguerite Granger m. c1687 Pioneer, Fur trader, Fisherman, Witness siege Port Royal, mtDNA
Jean Bastarache & Huguette Vincent m. c1684 Pioneer from Basque, Arrive before 1684, Witness ++ sieges Port Royal, mtDNA
Antoine Belliveau & Marie Andrée Guyon m. c1651 Pioneer, Arrive before 1650, Witness 1654 capture Port Royal, mtDNA
Barthélemy Bergeron & Geneviève Serraut m. c1695Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Bergeron Family
René Bernard & Madeleine Doucet m. c1689 Settle in Beaubassin, Witness Beaubassin raids, mtDNA
Jean Blanchard & Radegonde Lambert m. c1642 Pioneer, mtDNA clarifies Radegonde’s ethnic origin
Raymond Bordages & Esther LeBlanc m. c1755 Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Bordages Family, , ytDNA
Joseph Boucher & Isabelle Martin m. c1769 Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Boucher Family, Settle Saint John River and Cocagne, yDNA
Michel Boudrot & Michelle Aucoin m. c1641 Pioneer, Prolific, Lieutenant General, mtDNA
Antoine Bourg & Antoinette Landry m. c1642 Pioneer, Witness 1654 capture Port Royal, Women’s pioneer life, mtDNA
Jacques Bourgeois & Jeanne Trahan m. c1643 Pioneer, Surgeon, Founder of Beaubassin, mtDNA
Vincent Breau & Marie Bourg m. c1661 Pioneer arrives c1661, Settle in Port Royal, mtDNA
François Broussard & Catherine Richard m. c1678 Pioneer, Collaborate on settling Chipoudy, mtDNA
Vincent Brun & Marie Renée Breau m. c1644 Pioneer, Witness 1654 capture of Port-Royal. mtDNA
Roger dit Jean Cassie & Marie Françoise Poirier m. c1668 Pioneer, Irish, Early settler of Beaubassin, mtDNA
Guyon Chiasson & Jeanne Bernard m. c1666 Pioneer in Mouchecoudabouet & Beaubassin, mtDNA
Julien Collet & Rosalie Thériault m. c1775 Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Collet Family
Pierre Comeau & Rose Bayon m. c1649 Pioneer, Skilled Cooper, yDNA, mtDNA
Robert Cormier & Marie Péraud m. c1635 Pioneer, Prolific, Master Ship Carpenter, yDNA
Pierre Cyr & Marie Bourgeois m. c1670 Pioneer, Gunsmith, Settle in Port Royal, mtDNA
Olivier Daigre (Daigle) & Marie Gaudet m. c1666 Pioneer settle in Port Royal. Dies young, yDNA, mtDNA
Louis D'Amours & Marguerite Guyon m. 1686 2 orphaned sisters marry 2 noble brothers
Mathieu D'Amour & Louise Guyon m. 1686 2 orphaned sisters marry 2 noble brothers, Louise inspires historical romance novel
Jean Doiron & Marie-Anne Canol & Marie Trahan Pioneer, Lives in Port Royal, Minas Basin, Pisiguit, mtDNA
Germain Doucet & Unknown Spouse m. c1620 Sieur, 1654 Port-Royal surrender, Prolific, yDNA, mtDNA
Abraham Dugas & Marguerite Doucet m.1647 Lieutenant-General, King’s Armourer, mtDNA
Michel Dupuis & Marie Gautrot m. c1664 Pioneer, Settle in Port Royal, Witness 1690 Port Royal raid, yDNA, mtDNA
Michel Forest & Marie Hébert & Jacqueline Benoit Pioneer, Settle in Port Royal, yDNA, mtDNA
Jean Gaudet & Unknown & Nicole Colleson Pioneer, ‘Abraham of Acadia', yDNA, mtDNA
François Gautrot & Marie Unknown & Edmée (Aimee) Lejeune Pioneer, Witness 1654 capture Port Royal, mtDNA
Jacques-Roch Gauvin & Marie Guay Castonguay m. 1752 Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Gauvin Family Southeast New Brunswick
Charles Gauvin & Marthe Bélanger & Françoise Dubé Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Gauvin Family Northeast New Brunswick
François Gionet & m1. Marie Le Vicaire m. c1762 Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Gionet Family, Marie's Grandmother was Amerindian
François Girouard & Jeanne Aucoin m. c1647 Pioneer, Witnessed 1654 Port Royal capture, mtDNA
Joseph Goguen& Anne Arsenault/Marie Caissie/Anne Surette Interpreter, translator, merchant, 1755 flight to PEI, Miramachi, Imprisoned, Early settler Cogagne NB, mtDNA
Michel Haché called Gallant & Anne Cormier m. c1690 Pioneer, Prolific, 1st Acadian settlers (PEI), mtDNA
Antoine Hébert & Genevieve Lefranc m. c1648 Pioneer brothers arrive before 1671, yDNA, mtDNA
Etienne Hébert & Marie Gaudet m. c1650 Pioneer brothers arrive before 1671, yDNA, mtDNA
René Landry the elder & Perinne Bourg m.c1645 Pioneer, Prolific, mtDNA
René Landry the younger & Marie Bernard m.c1659 René younger on Peacekeeping Council, mtDNA
Daniel LeBlanc & Françoise Gaudet m. c1650 Pioneer, Prolific, Peacemaker, mtDNA
Jacques Léger dit La Rosette & Madeleine Trahan m. b1693 Pioneer, Soldier Troupes des Marine, yDNA, mtDNA
Jacques Maillet & Madeleine Hébert m. 1720 Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Maillet Family, mtDNA
Pierre Martin & Catherine Vigneau m. c1630 Pioneer, Arrives 1636 on ship Saint Jehan, mtDNA
Barnabé Martin & Jeanne Pelletret m. c1666 Pioneer, Arrives before 1666, Settle in Port Royal, mtDNA
Pierre Laverdure dit Melanson & Priscilla m. c1631 Sieur, French Protestant, Married in England
Phillipe Mius d’Entremont & Madeleine Hélie m. c1649 Sieur, King’s Attorney, Founder Pubnico. mtDNA
Pierre Morin & Marie-Madeleine Martin m. c1661 Whole clan (19) banished from Beaubassin, mtDNA
Simon Pelletret & Perinne Bourg m. c1640 Obtains one of the first grants at Port Royal, mtDNA
Claude Petitpas & Catherine Bugaret m. c1658 Royal Notary and Clerk of the Court, Amerindian daughter-in-law, mtDNA
Isaac Pesseley & Barbe Bajolet m c1629 Pioneer, Arrives 1636 on Saint Jehan, mtDNA
____ Pinet & Anne Marie m c1653 Amerindian Mother of Acadia, mtDNA
Jean Pitre & Marie Pesseley m. c1665 Pioneer, Edge-toolmaker, Debate re origins, mtDNA
Jean Poirier & Jeanne Cherbrat m. c1647 Sailor, Arrives 1647, Prolific, mtDNA
Michel Poirier dit de France & Marie Chiasson m. c1692 Michel was a nephew of Jean; Witness Beaubassin raids, mtDNA
Jean Pothier & Anne Poirier & Marie-Madeleine Chiasson Pioneer: Beaubassin, Isle-St-Jean (PEI), Anne's mtDNA, Marie-Madeleine deported France
Jean Prejean & Andree Marguerite Savoie m. c1683 Pioneer, Arrives after 1671, Settles in Port Royal, mtDNA
Michel Richard & Madeleine Blanchard & Jeanne Babin Soldier, Witness 1654 Capture of Port Royal; Prolific, mtDNA
Etienne Robichaud & Françoise Boudrot m. c1663 Pioneer, Arrives before 1663, Prolific, mtDNA
Jean Roy & Marie Christine Aubois m. c1686 Pioneer, Amerindian Mother of Acadia, mtDNA
Louis Saulnier & Louise Bastineau m. c1684 Pioneer, Sailor, Settle Grand Pré
François Savoie & Catherine Lejeune m. c1651 Pioneer, Witness 1654 capture Port Royal, mtDNA
Pierre Surette & Jeanne Pellerin m. c1709 Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Surette Family, mtDNA
Pierre Thébaut & Jeanne Comeau m. 1703 Pioneer, mtDNA, Daughter:triplets 3 sets twins. Son-in-law: Poem Evangeline
Jean Thériot & Perinne Rau m. c1636 Pioneer, Perinne’s mtDNA, Witness 1654 capture Port Royal
Pierre Thibodeau & Jeanne Thériot m. c1660 Miller, Founder of Chipoudy, mtDNA
Guillaume Trahan & Françoise Corbineau & Madeleine Brun Pioneer, Arrives 1636 on Saint Jehan, Witness 1654 capture Port Royal, mtDNA
Joachim-Pierre Vautour & Marie-Josèph Vivier m. 1752 Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Vautour Family, Settle in Chignecto
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