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This is a help page for Project Leaders. Please do not place any profiles in Featured Connections categories unless you're doing so on behalf of a project.


What are Featured Connections?

Featured Connections are categories that are optimized for use with our special My Connections app. See Help:MyConnections for information on this powerful tool.

The top-level Featured Connections category is managed by Abby for the WikiTree Team. It's for profiles that have recently been featured in the Connection Finder. Subcategories are managed by projects and Greg Slade.

One Subcategory for Every Project

Every top-level project and sub-project is encouraged to put one subcategory in Featured Connections, i.e. put the [[Category:Featured Connections]] tag on one category managed by your project.

Please do so! This can bring attention to your project-managed profiles and to WikiTree in general.

People love to see their relationships to historical figures, famous names, etc. Experienced genealogists know that deep ancestors have millions of descendants, a 15th cousin isn't a close relative, etc., so you may or may not find these relationships interesting. But other people do, and this helps bring attention to WikiTree and thereby supports the mission we all love.

Naming the Subcategory

There are currently no standards on naming the category. The default choice is to name them "X Features" or "Featured X" e.g. "Australian Features" or "Featured Heads of State."

However, if there is already a category that suits the purpose perfectly, such as US Presidents or Mayflower Passengers, there is no need for a new subcategory.

How to Choose Featured Profiles

Categories usually follow a strict logic. They are meant to contain every profile that fits a certain criteria. Featured Connections categories are different. You need to use your good judgement.

Criteria to consider:

  • Name recognition. The more recognizable the name, the better.
  • Quality of the profile. Don't feature a profile you're not proud to show off.
  • Connectedness. This is about connections, so every profile needs to be connected to the big tree. The more likely the person is to be an ancestor or relative of many living people, the better.
  • Number of profiles in the category. The ideal size of a category for My Connections is 200. That is the number of profiles that can be searched at once. If it's over 200, the user would need to click again, and many will not do that. On the other hand, if it's too few profiles, the user is less likely to be related to any of them.

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