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WikiTree has two kinds of profile pages: Person Profiles and Free-Space Profiles.

Profiles of Places and Things

Free-Space Profiles are wiki pages for supplementing family history. They're "anything pages" — free space for genealogy.

For example, you can create a profile for a pet, a house, event, school, or family heirloom. They can also be used for organizing your research, e.g. To-Do Lists, or for collaboration, e.g. Free-Space Projects.

Here are two examples of Free-Space Profiles:

The above can be viewed by anyone, but these profiles can also be kept private just for the family members and friends you designate on the profile's Trusted List.

Creating Free-Space Profiles

Simply use this form to start a profile. This is accessible from the "New Thing" link on the "Add" pull-down menu in the upper-right corner for members.

Finding Free-Space Profiles

For Free-Space Profiles that you have created or are trusted to edit, click to your Watchlist and then select the "Free-Space Watchlist" button.

Click here to search all Free-Space Profiles.

Here is an Index of Free-Space Profiles.

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