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What is a GEDCOM and what can you do with one on WikiTree?


What is a GEDCOM?

GEDCOM stands for GEnealogical Data COMmunication. It's a file format for transferring family tree information.

The GEDCOM standard has been almost-universally adopted by major genealogy websites and software tools. This is good for everyone. It means that family history isn't locked up on one site. You can move and copy information. This helps ensure that the work you put into your family tree research won't ever be lost.

Uploading a GEDCOM

Click here to upload your GEDCOM.

Uploading involves no obligation. You can even do it as a guest without becoming a full member of WikiTree. You'll be presented with a neat "GEDCOMpare" report that helps you find family members who are already on WikiTree.

Note: GEDCOMs with more than 5,000 people cannot be uploaded. They need to be split up.

If you have already uploaded a GEDCOM, click here for your list of files.

Importing a GEDCOM

We don't import family trees into WikiTree. Instead, GEDCOMpare enables you to create and improve individual profiles using the information in your GEDCOM.

To add and edit profiles you need to be a Wiki Genealogist who has signed our Honor Code. You'll also need to review the suggested matches that GEDCOMpare comes up with. This can be tedious but it's essential to our community's mission to create an accurate collaborative family tree instead of a bunch of separate trees.

Exporting a GEDCOM

Click here to export a GEDCOM from WikiTree.

For information and tips on exporting from other websites and programs, see Exporting a GEDCOM.

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