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What is GEDmatch?

GEDmatch is a free website (with special "Tier 1" services for supporters) that helps you get more from your autosomal DNA test results (e.g. from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritageDNA or Family Tree DNA).

The testing companies match you with other customers, e.g. AncestryDNA matches you with other AncestryDNA customers. GEDmatch matches you with anyone in their database, e.g. AncestryDNA customers can be matched with 23andMe and MyHeritageDNA and FTDNA customers, etc.

GEDmatch also offers highly-advanced tools that you can't find anywhere else. It's a must for serious genetic genealogists.

Links from GEDmatch to WikiTree

When you enter a GEDmatch ID on a DNA test on WikiTree, GEDmatch will automatically link to your compact family tree on WikiTree when you appear in one-to-many results. This is usually done within 24 hours.

These links only appear if:

  1. Your family tree on WikiTree is public.
  2. You are not anonymous on GEDmatch.

Links from WikiTree to GEDmatch

WikiTree displays your GEDmatch kit ID along with your DNA test information everywhere it appears, e.g. on connected WikiTree profiles where your DNA test results might be useful for confirming or rejecting relationships.

Direct links to one-to-many results

If the viewing user is logged-in to WikiTree, and then logs in to GEDmatch, clicking a GEDmatch kit ID here will lead directly to GEDmatch one-to-many test results.

Easy one-to-one comparisons

If you click a "[compare]" link next to GEDmatch ID it will open a comparison box where you enter or select a second ID for a one-to-one comparison.

See DNA Comparison for more information.


If you don't want your information on WikiTree to connect to your information on GEDmatch, it's best to remove the GEDmatch ID from your test information on WikiTree, according to the instructions below.

Keep in mind that you can partially anonymize yourself on WikiTree by using an initial or the first name "Anonymous," and all living family members can be private, including your parents, even if you have a public family tree.

Entering a GEDmatch ID

When you enter or edit an autosomal DNA test, the optional field for GEDmatch ID will appear.

It should look something like this: M121714 or A675090 or T008867.

Editing or Deleting a GEDmatch ID

On your DNA Tests page click the "Edit or Enter Details" button to the right of the test.

You can delete the entire test from WikiTree, or just change or remove the GEDmatch ID from here.

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