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What is GEDmatch? helps find shared ancestry between persons who have uploaded their autosomal DNA (atDNA) results from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritageDNA or Family Tree DNA's Family Finder.

"'One-to-many' matches" and "Find people who match you on a specified segment" are the analysis tools which are helpful for finding shared ancestry.

One-to-many matches show how well you match other people in the DNA database that is collected by GEDmatch. To analyze this, GEDmatch needs several weeks.

A one-to-one match shows how well your autosomal data matches with another kit stored at GEDmatch. This can be utilized right after the kit has been "tokenized" (registered properly in the database).

Privacy Issues

When you enter a GEDmatch ID on a DNA test on WikiTree, GEDmatch will automatically link to your profile on WikiTree, usually within 24 hours.

If you do not want others to see your public information on WikiTree linked from your GEDmatch test kit, remove the GEDmatch ID according to the instructions below.

Entering a GEDmatch ID

When you enter or edit an autosomal DNA test, the optional field for GEDmatch ID will appear.

It should look something like this: M121714 or A675090 or T008867.

Editing or Deleting a GEDmatch ID

On your DNA Tests page click the "Edit or Enter Details" button to the right of the test.

You can delete the entire test from WikiTree, or just change or remove the GEDmatch ID from here.

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