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Member profiles can include a section at the top to invite communication and collaboration between cousins and others who share the same genealogical interests. Click here to add or edit it.


What is the Genealogist Section?

A Genealogist Section optionally appears at the top of Family Member and Wiki Genealogist member profiles. It invites communication and highlights the member's genealogical interests and activities.

After this section, member profiles look essentially like all other person profiles on our single family tree.

The section can be edited or removed at any time.

Contents of the Section

Communication preferences

Your genealogy communication preferences, if any, are displayed at the top of the section. These say:

  1. who you want to communicate with, and
  2. whether or where others can see your family tree.

Adding these communication preferences is how a Guest upgrades to the Family Member level.

You can expand on or replace the basic text using question #5. This enables you to fully customize what cousins and other genealogists see at the top of your profile.

Genealogical interests and activities

The section also includes:


Usage by active WikiTreers

Here are some members who are active in our community and use their communication preferences to invite collaboration.

Usage by genealogists not active on WikiTree

Wherever you do genealogy — on our single family tree or elsewhere — WikiTree helps you communicate and collaborate with cousins.

WikiTree is known among genealogists as one of the best "cousin bait" tools anywhere. Sooner or later, your cousins will find profiles of your ancestors here, whether they were created by you or one of your cousins. If WikiTree's profiles of your ancestors are incomplete or inaccurate because you don't actively contribute to them, use the Genealogist Section to tell your cousins where to find your research.

Here are examples of genealogists who use their profiles as cousin bait.

  • Paula Carter, who uses RootsMagic.
  • French genealogy leader Isabelle Rassinot who is active on WikiTree but manages a larger personal tree on Geneanet.
  • Virginia Winslett who promotes her own website and non-WikiTree DNA studies.

Customization and Removal

Hiding it on a profile you are viewing

You can temporarily hide the section on a profile you are viewing by clicking the "[hide section]" link that appears in the upper-right corner.

This makes a member's profile appear essentially like any other profile on our tree.

Hiding or customizing it on your profile

Options on your settings page allow you to customize the section or remove it so that you and others do not see it on your profile.

You can choose to:

  1. Display the full section. This is the default.
  2. Hide your communication preferences. This removes your answers to questions #1 and #2. You can replace it with a custom message by answering #5. (Note that you must answer #1 and #2 to submit the form, but your answers will be hidden.)
  3. Hide everything except custom text, if any. This will only display anything you enter in question #5.

The third option allows for full customization by creatively using #5 (see the advanced customization section below) or for full removal by deleting anything you have entered for #5. However, full removal is not generally recommended. If you are suspending your participation you can use #5 to say that you are not currently available or interested in communicating. If you never want to communicate with others through WikiTree, close your account.

Advanced customization

Question #5 enables you to fully customize what cousins and other genealogists see at the top of your profile.

You can add formatting with simple wiki mark-up tags. You can do almost anything you can do in the biography/text section of a profile, including adding links, bulleted or numbered lists, and even images. However, please note that the community may develop style rules in the future, or we may need to add technical limitations.


  • See Help:Links to External Sites and Services for how to link to a family tree on or FamilySearch.
  • If you customize by only displaying your answer to #5, the words "Communication Preferences" will not appear. If you want them to appear, simply include this before your answer: '''Communication Preferences''':
  • To link to the comments section on your profile, use something like this: post a [[#comments|public comment]]

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