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This is a new project coordinated by Therese Schmidt under the Integrators Project. Do you have a genealogical reference book that you're willing to share, do you have access to rare or out-of-print books from your local library, or do you need a look-up from one? If you're willing to share, please send titles, authors, publication dates, and short descriptions Erin or Eowyn. If you need something from one of these books, click to the profile page of the person offering it and use the "Private Message" link to contact them.

(If you are in need of an in person lookup or photos of a particular tombstone please see [[Help:Genealogy Lookups and Tombstone Photos|Genealogy Lookups and Tombstone Photos].)



ABAUJ-TORNA VÁRMEGYE NEMES CSALÁDAI Noble Families in Abauj-Torna, Hungary.Jozsef Csoma. 1897.On the bookshelf of Maggie.

The Aldridge Family: England to America, by Robert Newton Aldridge Jr., an appendix to Alldredge-Aldridge-Bracen-Nesmith Families, by Memory Aldridge Lester. Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1957 (privately printed). Available online, courtesy of the Hathi Trust (accessed October 29, 2014).

Altis Family Tree. Aileen "Altis" Brauer. Third Revision, dated 1 April 1998. In the library of Rick Young.

This is a private book created by Aileen "Altis" Brauer. It contains the descendant tree of the brothers Daniel & Johannes Franziskus Altig who were both born in the mid 1700s. It has no index but I used a database and created one so lookups are fairly easy to do. There are a few pages devoted to listing the various contributors, by name, but no assignation is made as to who contributed what. Thus, although I have a fairly high degree of faith in it, it should be taken as a reference for leads rather than an authority on its own. It contains approximately 13,000 names.

A Genealogical Record of the Moses Baker Family 1708-1979. Dorothy Merrifield. Published 1979. D. Merrifield, Carmichael, CA. In the library of Therese Schmidt.

Descendants of Moses Baker, Isle of Wight County, Virginia and Elizabeth Brown of Virginia.

Ancestors and Descendants of Smiths by Linda G. Cheek, 1987. ISBN 0-89308-622-3. Page 151 (I will do look-ups in this book by request. It does not have many sources, and no photographs. Kitty Smith


Catholic Trails West. The Founding Catholic Families of Pennsylvania Vol. 1. St. Joseph's Church, Philadelphia (1733). Edmund Adams and Barbara Brady O'Keefe, 1998. ISBN 0-8063-1212-2. On the bookshelf of Maggie.

Census of Small Isles 1764-1765 aka Eigg Catechist Roll, recorded by Neil McNeill. This is a copy of the original manuscript from the Edinburgh University Library. It is an every name census of the parish of Small Isles (Muck, Rum, Eigg & Canna) It includes maiden maiden names, age and relation to head of household. In the library of Eugene Quigley.


Descendants of Henry and Elizabeth Lamb of North Carolina: A Quaker Family Legacy, 1697 - 2000. by Marshall L. Styles. Salem, MA : Higginson Book Co., ©2000. Fred Remus.

Descendants of Certain Branches of the Line of William Hamilton Watkins, D.D. (1815 - 1881). Family record of the descendants of three sons of William H. Watkins: Thomas Henry Watkins, Alexander Farrar Watkins, and Benjamin Drake Watkins.

Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes, by Stephen White. I don't have my own copy, but it is available for in library use at a few libraries I occasionally visit. Roland Arsenault.

The Denny Genealogy, by Margaret Collins Denny Dixon; Elizabeth Chapman Denny Vann : New York, National historical Society, 1944. Frederick Denny (d.1728), of Scottish lineage, immigrated from Ireland to Gloucester County, New Jersey. Descendants and relatives lived in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Ohio, Missouri, California and elsewhere. Includes family history and genealogical data in Ireland, England, and chiefly in Scotland to 1375 A.D. Also includes some Denny immigrants to New England. In the library of Vic Watt


The Glann Family Genealogy Bruyn Glann. Self published in the 1980's (publishing information is missing from the beginning). In the library of Abby Glann.

The compilation of the work of Bruyn A. Glann and Dr. George W. Glann Sr. over nearly 40 years of research into the family lines and history of the Glanns in America, tracing back to their appearance in records in New York before the America Revolution, with information as current as the 1980's. (My copy is something of a mess after being lost in Dr. George's file cabinet for years, but it should all be there.)


JJGregory Author: Jasper Josiah Gregory: Title: History of Timothy Gregory and His Descendants. Publication: The Reporter Press, Walton NY 1934 : Repository: #pws Repository: pws Name: Collection of Phil Smith. Phil will do lookup for this family.


John Howland of the Mayflower, Vol. 4 - The first five generations through his fourth child Elizabeth Howland, Wife of Ephraim Hicks and Captain John Dickinson, by Elizabeth Pearson White, Picton Press, 2008. In the library of Eugene Quigley.

John Huntley, Immigrant of Boston & Roxbury, Massachusetts and Lyme, Connecticut 1647-1977 and some of his Descendants. Author: Virgil W. Huntley. Books I, II, III. 1978, 1993, 1996. Material from the books used with written permission of the author. Repository: #pws Repository: pws Name: Collection of Phil Smith. Phil will do lookup for this family.


KILCOLMAN PARISH REGISTERS : 1793-1814 & 1824 1900 County Kerry, Church of England, with sections from Killorglin, Aglish, Kiltallagh, Knocknane, Molahiffe. Jane V. Spring, editor,2003. ISBN 0-646-44524-3.On the bookshelf of Maggie.


Meet the Edgertons : A Genealogy of the Edgerton Family in America from the early 1700's to 1969 J. Howard Binns. Published 1970. In the library of Fred Remus.

Descendants of Thomas Edgerton, County Wexford, Ireland, and Sarah Stephens of Haddonfield, New Jersey.


Our Coopers From Yorkshire, England, 1580s to Present Times in the Americas;;; by Joyce Cooper Walker, 2011 (I will do look-ups in this book by request. Kitty Smith


Sampson Shore & his Shorey descendants. by Shorey, B. E. (Peabody, Massachusetts: B.E. Shorey, c1993 (Mass. : Penobscot Press). Unfortunately this book is not indexed. In the library of Eugene Quigley.

Scandinavian Immigrants in New York, 1630-1674 John O. Evjen. Published 1916. In the library of Therese Schmidt.

This is a collection of biographical articles on Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish immigrants who settled in New York between 1630 and 1674. The biographies are based on ship passenger lists, parish records, church records, court records, and legal documents, and include information such as dates of birth, places of origin, marriages, names of children, types of occupation, and references to sources. Also contained in the book are appendices on Scandinavians in (1) Mexico and South America, 1532-1640, (2) Canada, 1619-1620, and (3) New York in the 18th century, and there is a fourth appendix on German immigrants in New York between 1630 and 1674. (Note, this is a library book and it may take a few days to gather the requested information.)

Sedan (Union County) New Mexico. Regina Joyce Christerson. Smith Nortex Press. Published 1977. 247 pages. In the library of Michael Lechner

This book contains family histories, interviews, photos and county records of the early settlers of Sedan, Union County, New Mexico.

Smith Wills, Deeds and Family Histories, Vol 1 compiled by Linda G. Cheek, 1993. ISBN 0-89308-484-0. Page 526 (I will do look-ups in this book by request. Kitty Smith

Southwest Louisiana Records (1750-1900) CD101; Compiler: Hebert, Donald J. (Donald Joseph) , 1942-2000 Publication: Hebert Publications, Rayne, LA, 2000 Collection of Phil Smith? Phil will do lookup for this family?


The Clan Gillean. by Alexander Maclean Sinclair. 1899, Haszard and Moore. In the library of Eugene Quigley.


Warriors and Priests (The History of the Clan MacLean 1300-1570. by Nicholas MacLean-Bristol, 1995 Tuckwell Press Ltd. In the library of Eugene Quigley.

A genealogy of the Westhaver family, 1490-1990, by Clyde G. Westhaver: 1990, Lancelot Press, Hantsport, NS, Canada. 500 years of family history from the German homeland to Nova Scotis and dispersion throughout North America. Bibliography: p. 204. Includes variant form of surname Westover, and some related families. Westhaver ancestors and descendants of Johann Michael Westhaver who came from Lützelsaschen to Nova Scotia. In the library of Vic Watt.

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