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Since WikiTree's community is unique, we've made up some of our own terminology. Here's a dictionary of terms and abbreviations.

If there is something else you would like defined please ask about it in G2G.

  • Advance Directive: A statement prepared by a member to provide for management of their profiles in the event they leave WikiTree or pass away.
  • Categorization: A dynamic way to group profiles in order to organize your family history and connect with other genealogists whose family histories intersect with yours.
  • Suggestions (was Error Report): Report listing suggestions related to a member's Watchlist; report listing specific possible errors needing review.
  • G2G: The Genealogist-to-Genealogist question and answer forum. This is the center of our community.
  • GEDCOM: Stands for GEnealogical Data COMmunication, a file format for transferring family tree information from one platform to another. For example, from genealogy software to WikiTree.
  • GEDCOMpare: Enables guests and members to a search to see if their ancestors already exist on WikiTree using a GEDCOM. Wiki Genealogists can go on to create and improve profiles using data from their file.
  • Nuclear Family: Parents, siblings, spouses, and children.
  • Orphaned Profiles: When a profile does not have a Profile Manager. They may need a person to take care of them.
  • Person Profile: The basic WikiTree page about a human being. It's the central location for information about the person.
  • Profile Manager: The person who has primary responsibility for taking care of a profile. It is usually the person who created the profile, or the person themselves if it is a profile of a living person.
  • Projects: A project is a group of members organized around a topic or volunteer activity. Examples: Acadians, DNA, German Roots, Mayflower.
  • RootsSearch: RootsSearch is an independent program developed by Justin York. It enables you to easily search over 20 genealogy websites with button clicks, without reentering names, dates, parents' names, etc., on each website. A link for this is found on every Passive Profile.
  • Tags: A way for members to follow activity in the topics that interest them, and connect with other genealogists.
  • Templates: Allows inclusion of content common to many pages on each page without copying it in full. Includes Project Boxes, Recognition Boxes, Category templates, etc.
  • Tutorial: Guided Tour of WikiTree with helpful instructions for new members and old ones needing a review.
  • Trusted List: WikiTree's unique system for protecting privacy and controlling permissions on individual profile pages.
  • Wiki: The software run by WikiTree that enables users to easily create and update pages and track changes by others.
  • Wiki Mark-Up: Sometimes called wiki codes, these are the tags that are used to format a profile.
  • WikiTree ID: The unique identifier for WikiTree profiles, e.g. Franklin-1. Created from the profile's Last Name at Birth (LNAB) and the next number in order for that name.

See WikiTree Acronyms & Abbreviations for more terms that community members have collected.

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