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It's recommended that all Leaders act as "Greeters Lite." That is, if they can't participate as Greeters, they should still help to greet new members. Here is a set of recommendations for how to do it.

This is generally done as part of your Ranger shift once a week.

Reviewing New Volunteers

To help review, go to the Recent Volunteer Feed, scroll through the past 24 hours of the feed and:

  1. Watch for any Volunteers who weren't confirmed. (Occasionally a Guest will volunteer and Greeters miss it. (See instructions on confirming Volunteers.)
  2. Post a handful of personal replies. Just on those that strike a chord for us personally, or when someone might be interested in a project. For example, you might say "Hi X. Welcome to WikiTree! I notice that you mentioned your Acadian ancestors. If you haven't already seen it, you should check out this Acadian Project. It's a small but really active, committed group."
  3. Click thank-you links on comments you like.
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