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For a video introduction, see "What is WikiTree?"
or Leanne Cooper's "Welcome to WikiTree" video series.

We know. WikiTree is a bit complicated!

After you spend some time here you'll probably appreciate our special community and the wide array of powerful features that are all free. But they're overwhelming when you're new.

When you get stuck, come ask a question in our friendly "G2G" forum. We were all new once.


About WikiTree

The most important thing to know: WikiTree is all about genealogy collaboration.

We are dedicated to growing a single family tree that connects us all and is freely accessible to us all, forever.

See our 90-second "What is WikiTree?" video. There is also a longer video introduction from a member. Or see About WikiTree for more on the mission and organization.

Getting Started

We have three member levels: Guest, Family Member, and Wiki Genealogist.

All member levels are free. WikiTree is paid for with advertisements.

Do you have an account?

If you just arrived, create a Guest account.

These accounts are for everyone with an interest in family history. There's no obligation to do anything and you can delete your account at any time.

Do you want to communicate with cousins?

If you're interested in family history or genealogy and you want to communicate with others about it, upgrade to the Family Member level.

This is done by adding communication preferences to your profile.

Do you want to collaborate on WikiTree?

Here's the big question. To answer it, you have to read our Honor Code. These nine points are the basic rules that enable our collaboration to be fun and productive.

If you want to help grow our tree, sign the Honor Code. This upgrades your membership to the full Wiki Genealogist level. Among the many benefits: you won't see advertisements.

Do you have a GEDCOM?

If you have used other family tree websites or software it's likely that you can export a GEDCOM file and upload it here.

This is the fastest way to see if any of your ancestors are already on WikiTree. You'll get a GEDCompare report with likely matches.

Learn How to Use WikiTree

We have a series of short tutorials to help new members get started. Click here.

If you prefer a self-guided approach, just get started and check the help pages when you run into trouble. If you can't easily find the answer, ask in G2G. It's the center of our friendly community.

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