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Here is how to invite family members and fellow genealogists to join our community.

Inviting Family Members

To invite a family member simply include an email address when you create their profile. After you submit the form you'll be offered the opportunity to add them to Trusted Lists of family member profiles.

If they already have a profile click the Edit tab on their page. Then enter an email address. This will automatically send an invitation.

Family members of genealogists do not need to be active members. They can enjoy the content that you and other members have contributed without adding to it. Unless they choose to sign the Honor Code they will have a "Family Member" account.

Inviting Friends and Fellow Genealogists

Here's how to invite a friend or fellow genealogist who isn't directly related to you.

  1. Click this link to Add an Unrelated Person.
  2. Enter their basic information. All you really need is an email address. If you're unsure of their first name or whether they would want it on WikiTree, enter "Unknown" or "Anonymous".

After submitting the form you'll be presented with the option to add them to the Trusted Lists of profiles in your family tree. You can skip this if they're not family.

They will automatically be added to your profile's Trusted List. You can remove them if you don't know them personally.

You will automatically be added to their profile's Trusted List. After they accept the invitation they can remove you or you can remove yourself using the bulk Trusted List changes tool or the "Remove Yourself" button on their Trusted List.

Resending Invitations

What if they can't find the invitation in their email inbox?

First confirm that the email address on their profile is correct. If it isn't, changing it will automatically send a new invitation.

If the email address is correct, click the "reinvite" link below the email address field. That will send another invitation.

If they still don't get the invitation, ask them to check their spam filter.

If it's still not there, it may be that their email provider is holding it. It will usually arrive within a few hours.

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