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Language selection is a relatively new addition to person profiles.

It is currently only used to improve the automatic place name suggestions that may appear when you are entering or editing a birth, marriage, or death location.

WikiTree's preferred style for location names is to use the name that was used by the people in that place, at the time of the event you're recording. We aim to use the place names that people themselves would have known, in their own language. See Location Fields for details.

If you use the language setting, the place name suggestions will appear in that language. If you don't select a language, the suggestions will be in your local language.

Do not worry too much about which language to choose. Since we aren't currently using the language setting for anything other than the place name suggestions, there are no style rules for it. It doesn't need to be the person's first or native language. You may want to change the setting when entering the death place.

The place name suggestions will not be perfect. The language selection is limited to two dozen modern languages. Use your best judgement and feel free to ignore the suggestions.

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