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Communication is a vitally important part of Project Leadership.


Communication between Leaders

Where should you post your message if you have a question or want to discuss something with other Leaders? See Docs:Leader E-Mail List for help deciding whether to post on the leaders list.

Most questions and discussions should go on G2G instead. Open communication shows that we debate issues and care about different opinions. Moreover, conversations in G2G stay available as references for the future and can be tracked through tags.

Communication within Projects

Communication is the essence of community. Projects are sub-communities on WikiTree. If project members are not communicating with each other, they are not really collaborating and the project is not working as it should.

One of the most important roles of Leaders is to help keep project conversations moving. This can be as simple as asking questions to see what people are working on and giving public kudos when a member does something valuable.

Project-tagged G2G discussions

G2G is a great place to ask questions, especially if more than just the project members may have an answer. It is also handy for making announcements that may be useful to the wider WikiTree community.

All projects have a G2G tag. It's on the project badge.

All project members should follow the tag. This way they see project-tagged discussions in their G2G feed and daily e-mail update.

G2G Project Join Posts

Every project should have a G2G post that members answer to join the project. Project Leaders, or Project Coordinators, should respond to these in a timely manner with a comment in response to the member and awarding of the badge when appropriate. Be sure to follow up with the member if you need to let them know why they are not able to join the project.

We also encourage starting a new G2G post every so often. This helps the project appear to be current and active.

Google Groups e-mail lists

Almost all projects use Google Groups e-mail lists for communicating on topics that are primarily of interest to other project members. G2G can be used for this, but e-mail can be more intimate and private. (These lists can be private or public, but even the public ones don't tend to be seen by other people.)

These e-mail lists are a necessary part of project accounts and project management of profiles.

To create these, you need a team member so that it's officially associated with WikiTree. Contact the Project Manager.

Communication about Projects

We want the fruits of labors to be available for others to enjoy, and we want to attract new project members. Here are tips about resources available to you as Project Leaders.

Project pages

Every project has a "Project:" page as a primary reference.

See Projects for the index.

See Projects Pages for how to use them.

Project sub-pages

The best approach to building project sub-pages is to use free-space profiles. These can be easily monitored using the project's Project Account and active discussion can happen on them as necessary using the comments boxes.

In the past we suggested using actual sub-pages, created by adding a slash and page title after your main project page's url. These are harder to monitor, and are now no longer recommended.

G2G posts

Sometimes Project Leaders have an extended message that would make a great G2G post.

We like to have a G2G post related to each project at least once a year. It can be much more often if you're ambitious. Some project leaders share a monthly newsletter.

G2G posts should be more like stories or articles than quick social media posts. Unlike e-mail list posts, they're not intended to be back-and-forth conversations. Some ideas for posts include:

  • What is happening in your project. What is being worked on right now? Where do you need help?
  • Genealogy advice-your tips for research and how WikiTree fits into your method.
  • Personal success stories, like how you created "cousin bait" and lured someone in and what it led to.

You don't need to worry about writing a polished piece. The Project Manager can help edit it. They can also help promote it through our social media outlets, so a G2G post can be a great way to bring attention to your project.

Newsletter mentions and Social Media posts

Our newsletter goes out once a week and is an opportunity when you have a bit of news or a big announcement to share about the project. These can be around a paragraph and are useful when you want to talk to more than just your Project members. If you have something you would like to include write a G2G post so that we have something to link to in the newsletter.

If you have a quick plug or blurb related to your project, such as an excellent profile to share or a milestone that was reached we can use WikiTree's Social Media outlets to spread the word! Contact Eowyn and she can help make it happen.

See Recruiting New Project Members for more on this subject.

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