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Leaders can resign their status or put it on hold at any time.

Leader Emeritus Status emeritus.gif

Most former Leaders are given the Leader Emeritus badge, if they want it. It's a small way to recognize and honor their past leadership.

If a Leader steps down or steps away under good terms, the Leader Emeritus status makes it easier to reactivate their role as a Leader again in the future. If you're Leader Emeritus and want to become an active Leader again, contact Abby.

Temporary Status Changes

It's generally possible to come back as a Leader if you step away under good terms, but we cannot promise that.

If you know that your absence will be for a short period of time, you might consider just not managing any projects and putting a notice on your profile. Abby can help manage this.

Leader Emeritus is for when you don't know when or if you'll be able to come back to active status.

Turning In Your Leader Badge

It's very rare for the team to ask a Project Leader to turn in their badge. It's usually a conclusion that Leaders come to for themselves.

However, Project Leaders have to love WikiTree. They have to love the site, believe in the Honor Code, and fully embrace the rules and policies that have been decided upon by the community.

New rules are developed in a fairly democratic process. We hope that they work for most community members. Some members, inevitably, will not like the new rules. If you decide you strongly disagree with any current rules, it's time to step down.

Everybody on WikiTree has to try to follow the rules. The standard for Leaders is even higher. They don't just have to try. They have to be fairly successful at it. :-)

One of the most important rules for Leaders to successfully follow is Don't WikiTree While Angry. Communicating emotionally makes it impossible to meet requirement #3 for being a Leader, i.e. "Be an outstanding practitioner of Honor Code point III (assuming that mistakes are unintentional) and point IV (being courteous to everyone, even those who don't act accordingly)."

As we say on the Project Leaders page: Requirement #3 is a high bar. It is unusual for a member to be so patient that they can always rise above the frustrations of collaboration and consistently be the bigger person in misunderstandings.

It's not unusual for a Project Leader to have been willing and able to be this patient, but then for family crises or other stresses to later make it impossible for them.

If you want to turn in your badge, just tell Abby.

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