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The Leader Liaison is Abby Glann.


  • Liaise with Leaders
    • Reach out to Leaders on a regular schedule to see how their projects are going.
    • Be the go-to person for Leader questions. Redirect to private Leaders list, G2G, etc.
    • Make sure that when Leaders figure out helpful new ways to promote projects, this is communicated to other Leaders via the Leader e-mail list, recorded on help pages if appropriate, etc.
    • Be an advocate for Leaders. Try to figure out what they need to be more successful and help them get it.
    • Make sure Leader Help pages are created and kept up-to-date as discussion happens in the Team/Leader list.
    • Coordinate blog postings with Eowyn. Email Project Leaders one month ahead of scheduled blog posts.
    • Make sure projects and leaders are acknowledged and promoted in G2G and in the social networks.
    • Aid in conflicts involving in Leaders.
  • Facilitate Project Leadership
    • Make sure that the list of which Leaders are leading which projects is kept up-to-date on the Project page and Leader Contact List.
    • Help recruit Leaders for dormant projects.
    • Make sure project pages are kept to up to date; communicate with the Leaders if they're not.
    • Pass on updates about projects to the Leaders list.
    • Coordinate with Eowyn to make sure projects are promoted in the social networks. Facebook, G+, Twitter, etc. can be used for project recruiting, outreach, etc. We should be regularly posting updates and messages like "Check out what Phil Smith is doing in WikiTree's Categorization Project ..." or "The Titanic Project just reached a titanic milestone: Profiles for all the passengers! Check out ...".
  • Set up New Projects
    • Refer Leaders and members to Starting a New Project.
    • Make sure the scope of the project makes sense, and that there's a Leader involved and at least a few people interested.
    • Make sure the Leader creates the Project page.
    • Make sure the right categories and G2G tag are used.
    • Have the badge created.

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