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As Parties to a Conflict

Project Leaders and WikiTree Team members must always find a way to be polite in any public or private communications related to WikiTree, regardless of how vitriolic another member may be.

Despite our best attempts, we become involved in conflicts. We are involved in high-conflict areas and projects, and we may become the target of members' anger because of our special roles in the community.

When a Project Leader or team member is personally involved as a party to a conflict we must be subject to the same conflict escalation procedure.

Conflicts of Interest

If a Project Leader or team member is a party to a conflict they cannot be involved in the discussions during mentoring, mediation, and escalation. They should recuse themselves from all participation.

Conflict Help Forms

Members can and should fill out Conflict Help Forms, as appropriate, when the subject is a Mentor, Leader, or team member.

However, it may not be advisable to submit a Mentor Intervention Request (MIR) in the conventional way if you know the subject is a Mediator. They will see the output of the form and this may escalate the conflict unnecessarily. Therefore, it is recommended that the MIR form questions be answered in an email and sent to

The WikiTree Team will then summarize the MIR for the Mediators group. If you do not believe this will be done fairly, or if the subject of the MIR is a team member, you can choose to submit or resubmit the form in the conventional way.

Mediation Request Forms, Conclusion Reports, etc. can always submitted in the conventional manner.

As Mentors and Mediators

Project Leaders can be Mentors, and only Leaders can be Mediators.

WikiTree Team members cannot be Mentors or Mediators. Conflicts in the volunteer community should be managed by the volunteer community. The WikiTree Team only needs to manage the process if it has escalated to possible account closure (red level). There must have been one or more Mentor Intervention Requests, Mediation Request Forms and Conclusion Reports, with the following few exceptions:

  • If there is a Privacy Take-Down Request.
  • If a member asks to have their own account closed.
  • If a member was at the red level in the past, or had their account closed.
  • If it's a spammer, vandal, or suspected "sock puppet" of a vandal.

To determine if a conflict is covered by one of the exceptions above, follow the Problems with Members procedure.

Although team members cannot be Mentors or Mediators, they can answer questions, offer advice, and help make sure that the entire process is tracked properly.

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