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Here's how to use the {{YouTube}} "external link template."


This template can be used to create a link to a youtube video.


Name:Links to YouTube
Type:External Link Templates
Usage:Pages using the template
Parameters usage stats:Parameter usage on profiles
Map of Profiles:WikiTree+ Maps
Edit:Template Documentation


1 video code Required YouTube Video code of the video. usually v parameter in URL '?v=1lgIQmGPAd4' 1lgIQmGPAd4
2 link name Preffered Text Text to display on link Check this video
3 start Optional Number Time of where to start the video. It is in seconds from the beginning of the video. 97
playlist Optional Text Name of the playlist to display DD DD

Usage with all parameters:

{{YouTube|1lgIQmGPAd4|improving a profile|281}}
improving a profile
Play the improving a profile.

Usage with minimal parameters:

Play the video.

Used on: Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:YouTube

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