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Identifying Living People

How does the WikiTree system "know" whether someone is alive or not?

This is important because it determines whether a profile will default to Private when it's created. Moreover, unless the WikiTree system knows a profile is for a living person it can be made public by the manager.

Here are ways to make it clear that a person is living:

  • Mark the Death Date as "still living" or Death Location as "intentionally blank because still living."
  • Include an e-mail address.

Here are ways to make it clear that a person is non-living:

  • Include a Death Date or Death Location.
  • Mark the Death Date as "about/uncertain but non-living".

For purposes of setting the default privacy level the following also applies. This is only for the default, before the manager makes any adjustments.

  • If there is a Birth Date and no Death Date the profile defaults to Private unless:
    • the Birth Date is more than 100 years ago, and
    • the Death Date is not marked "still living, and
    • the Death Location is not marked "intentionally blank because still living".

Why not always default to private?

Some members ask why the default setting isn't always "living." This way a profile would be private unless the manager proactively sets them as public or specifies that the person is non-living.

This is what we did when WikiTree was first created.

We changed our policy because too many profiles were being left as private. This became a major impediment to collaboration. WikiTree's mission is all about collaboration and sharing. Moreover, if the majority of profiles were kept private, we could not remain a free website. Advertisements on public profiles is how we cover the expenses of offering free and unlimited private profiles.

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