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This is a detailed outline of the steps and messages that a new member sees when registering. It's offered in case WikiTree Team Members, Supervisors, or Greeters have suggestions for improvement.

This is only for registrations. It's different if someone is invited by a current member.

A more basic outline of how a new member becomes a Wiki Genealogist is on the Welcoming New Members page for Greeters.

The file names in parantheses are for internal reference. They're the names of our templates. Some notes on things to change are in italics.



A new member usually arrives through a surname page, often from a Google search, and goes to the home page.

Maybe we could flesh out more the likely entry points, search terms?

From the home page or any other page, they click a link to register. In some places it says "Click here to get started." On all pages there's a small "register" link in the upper-right corner.


The register link leads to this sign-up page (user_create.tpl). If you're logged-in you'll need to logout to see it.

Submitting the registration form leads to a welcome page (user_welcome.tpl).

The welcome page invites the user to upload a GEDCOM for GEDMatches, and parallel to this, asks them to look in their e-mail to confirm their e-mail address.

It also includes a link to their Navigation Home Page which includes a checklist like this: Julie_s_Photo_Box-28.png

Note that the content on the Navigation Home Page is personalized. Full members without the volunteer badge and Wiki Genealogists won't see this checklist.

If you want to see it as a new member sees it, you would need to logout, create a temporary test account with an e-mail address that's different from your real account. If you do this, make sure you e-mail Chris or after you're done so we can delete the account. You should also put a comment somewhere on the profile that tells Greeters that it's you and you're testing. Or, you could do all this on the development server if you coordinate with Chris.

E-Mail Confirmation

Submitting the registration form sends an e-mail confirmation (confirmation_email.tpl) with the subject line "WikiTree e-mail address confirmation."

The primary purpose of this is to confirm that it's a valid address, but note that it's the only e-mail they will get from WikiTree if they don't go further.

The message also invites them to upload a GEDCOM for GEDMatches, and points them to their Navigation Home Page for more information.

Until the e-mail address is confirmed the member can do very little other than uploading a GEDCOM for GEDMatches. They see a yellow bar at the top of all pages telling them they need to confirm their account first.

When the user follows the confirmation link in the e-mail, they're sent to MediaWiki:Confirmemail loggedin. You can click on that link to see what it says.

Introduction to WikiTree

It's assumed that most new members end up at their Navigation Home Page or account profile.

Beyond the new member checklist on Navigation Home Pages, the path isn't really laid out for them. They can click any link to edit or add family members.

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