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Here are details on the WikiTree community's three member types. All are free — there are no premium memberships on WikiTree.

Wiki Genealogists   wiki-genealogist.gif

Wiki Genealogists are full members who embrace our mission and are helping to grow our free, increasingly accurate, collaborative family tree.

To have a Wiki Genealogist account you need to:

  1. register as a Guest Member,
  2. volunteer to help and be confirmed,
  3. sign the Wiki Genealogy Honor Code.

We invite everyone with an interest in family history to join us. We have made becoming a Wiki Genealogist a multi-step process so that new members don't rush into editing our shared tree without really understanding what it's all about.

Family Members   family-member.gif family-pending.gif

Family and friends of Wiki Genealogists don't need to volunteer and sign the Honor Code.

Family Members aren't expected to contribute any serious genealogy. They get to enjoy the fruits of the tree without really helping to grow it.

Family Members are encouraged to participate on the profiles of close family members and flesh out the details of modern family history. They can help fill in the blanks, contribute to biographies, add personal memories, upload photos, etc.

Non-wiki genealogists with Family Member accounts can upload GEDCOMs to take advantage of GEDCOMpare as a search tool but cannot create or edit profiles with GEDCOMs.

Family Members need to be on the Trusted List to edit a profile. (Wiki Genealogists can edit any Open profile.)

You get a Family Member account in one of two ways:

  1. A Wiki Genealogist adds you as a family member or friend. They include an e-mail address on your profile and you accept the invitation. (Until you accept the invitation you're considered a "pending" Family Member. This is why there are two Family Member badges.)
  2. You register as a Guest Member and volunteer. A Wiki Genealogist has confirmed your account but you haven't yet signed the Honor Code.

A Family Member can become a Wiki Genealogist at any time by signing the Wiki Genealogist Honor Code.

Guest Members   guest.gif

Anyone can register on WikiTree as a Guest.

Guest Members can participate in the Genealogist-to-Genealogist (G2G) Forum and edit their own profile. They cannot create or edit other profiles but they can add comments to profiles. They can upload GEDCOMs to take advantage of GEDCOMpare as a search tool but cannot create or edit profiles with it.

A Guest Member can become a Wiki Genealogist if they volunteer to help grow our collaborative family tree and a current Wiki Genealogist (usually a Greeter) confirms them. This gives them a Family Member account which is then converted to a Wiki Genealogist account as soon as they sign the Honor Code.

Guests may just be exploring WikiTree. There is no commitment. They can choose to delete their account at any time.

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