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What is a Mentor Intervention Request (MIR)?

Our Mentors Project emerged from the community as a way for members to help each other work through problems.

As they describe themselves, a Mentor is:

"A special volunteer who sees the best in every member and every situation and can keep a clear head."

Mentor Intervention Requests (MIRs) have become a formal part of our conflict escalation procedure. Unfortunately, problems between members are common. Most disagreements are worked out quickly by the members themselves. Some need to involve a third-party, a Mentor.

How to Submit a Request

If you would like the help of a Mentor for yourself, you do not need to file an MIR. See Contact a Mentor.

If you think someone else needs a Mentor, first go through the Problems with Members procedure. If that process directs you to file an MIR, go to the profile of the member with whom you are having the problem. If you're a Project Leader look at the bottom of the profile under the Leader Links. If you're not a Project Leader:

  1. Copy the member's WikiTree ID.
  2. Paste into your browser's address bar.
  3. Replace WikiTree-1 with the member's ID and press enter before filling out the form.

After Submitting an MIR

After submitting a request, and until everything is settled:

  • do not communicate with the member, and
  • do not edit any pages or profiles that may be related to the problem.

If the problem member contacts you, you may want to reply with something like, "I hope you don't mind, I've reached out for help on this from WikiTree Mentors. Someone should be contacting us soon to help."

Questions and Answers

Are MIRs confidential?

Mostly. See Conflict Privacy.

What if I have a problem with a Mentor, Leader or Team Member?

All community members are subject to the same procedures, but there are special considerations. See Leader and Team Member Involvement in Conflicts.

Can submitting an MIR affect my own WikiTree account?

Submitting an MIR is a way to "roll" a conflict over to others who are better able to handle it. You should not hesitate to do it if the Problems with Member procedure calls for it.

It is possible that Mediators will choose to escalate from a Mentor Intervention Request to a Formal Mediation if the case appears to be a serious conflict between you and the other member.

Moreover, if you repeatedly submit MIRs it could be a sign that you're not able to collaborate directly with others and you might be encouraged to scale back your involvement in WikiTree. But don't let this dissuade you from reporting a problem. Some members, e.g. Mentors and Rangers, are involved in high-conflict areas or are more likely to see problems that need to be reported.

What if I have other questions?

You can always ask anything in G2G. Just leave out the personal details of the conflict.

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