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Here is how to handle problems related to merging profiles.

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Accidental Merges

If two profiles have been accidentally merged you will need to edit one and recreate the other.

For example, let's say Joe Schmoe Senior was accidentally merged with his son Joe Schmoe Junior. There is now just one Joe Schmoe and he's listed as his own father.

Click the Edit tab on the profile and look in the right column where it lists Joe Schmoe as Joe Schmoe's father. Click the [edit] link to remove the father. Then click [add father] and create a new profile for Joe Schmoe Senior.

If one of the accounts is active, e.g. Joe Schmoe is a WikiTree member and accidentally merged his father's profile with his own account profile, it's important the account profile be the one that's kept. See Moving Accounts to New Names for more information.

Unanswered Merge Proposals

If a Pending Merge is ignored for over 30 days — if the Profile Managers do not complete the merge, reject it, or set the profiles as Unmerged Matches within a month — it will be cleared for any Wiki Genealogist (any signer of the Honor Code) to complete, reject, match, or remove it as they deem appropriate.

If a profile involved in a pending merge is Public when it is approved by default, it will be changed to Open.

Profile Managers Who Refuse to Merge

If a manager refuses to merge a clear duplicate, politely point out the following pages to them:

If they still refuse to collaborate, see Problems with Members.

If they just won't respond, see the section above on unanswered merge proposals and the policy on Unresponsive Profile Managers.

Profiles Matched to Themselves

Sometimes you will see a profile with a pending merge or rejected match to itself. Please report these to and they will be removed.

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