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mitoYDNA is a free, non-profit website for comparing and analyzing YDNA and mitochondrial DNA tests. It was initially created to fill a hole in the genetic genealogy community after Ysearch and Mitosearch closed in 2018.

mitoYDNA on WikiTree

Test information on WikiTree connects to for easy comparison. Kit IDs on DNA tests are linked to test information pages on mitoYDNA, and you can select two or more kit IDs to compare them on MitoYDNA.

If you upload your test information to, enter your kit IDs on your WikiTree DNA test information page. Select "edit" to the right of an existing test if you have already entered it.

To access your kit ID number on mitoYDNA, select "Kits" in the toolbar at the top of any one of their pages. The ID will appear in the first column of the table. It should be one letter followed by five numbers, e.g. T12345.

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