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Adding additional spouses

To add a person's second marriage, third marriage, etc., first go to the person's edit page (click an edit link from their profile page) and look in the right-hand column under "Edit Family." Scroll down to "Spouses" and click "[add/remove a spouse]".

Following this link enables you to create the spouse and establish the relationship.

Hiding divorced spouses

You can hide a previous marriage from the main profile page, e.g. if you don't want a divorced spouse to show as a living person's husband or wife.

After the marriage is created, click "[edit marriage]" on the edit page and check "Do Not Display".

Multiple marriages to the same spouse

If the same two people marry, divorce, and then re-remarry, it can only be recorded as one marriage on WikiTree.

It's recommended that you explain the re-marriage details in the biography section of the profile.

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