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My Connections displays all your closest relatives on WikiTree, or in any WikiTree category. For example, click the "Featured Connections" link in your My WikiTree pull-down menu above.


Connections on WikiTree

"Connections" are all your relatives, including those through marriage. These are the connections you can see with our Connection Finder as opposed to our Relationship Finder which only includes blood relatives.

The default view of My Connections will show your relatives in order of degree of separation. The first degree is nuclear relatives, i.e. parents, siblings, spouses, and children. The second degree is nuclear relatives of nuclear relatives, i.e. grandparents, grandchildren, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, and nuclear relatives of spouses.

Only four degrees will be displayed by default, but you can click the button at the bottom of the results to load more, up to a limit of 1000 total connections.

You can see all the recent changes on these profiles by clicking the "Connections" button on any activity feed.

You might notice a CC7 number in the upper-right corner of your My Connections page. This is the number of connections you have within seven degrees.

Connections in a Category

The real power of My Connections is that it can be combined with WikiTree categories. Instead of just seeing all your connections on WikiTree, you can see all your connections in any category. For example, you could see your relatives among Mayflower Passengers, US Presidents, Magna Carta Barons, or in a maintenance category like Needs More Research. Imagine using it in a cemetery to see how you're related to everyone buried beneath your feet.

To use this feature, look for the "My Connections" button in the upper right corner of any category page. This will initiate up to 200 simultaneous Relationship Finder and Connection Finder searches. Tens of millions of relationships will be searched with your one click.

Ancestors and cousins in a category

If any of the people in the category are your blood relatives, they will appear in the first section, in order of the number of generations that separate you.

If any of them are your direct ancestors, they will be highlighted.

Our searches for blood relatives are unlimited. In other words, the Ancestors and Cousins section will include any blood relatives on WikiTree, no matter how distant.

Other connections in a category

If anybody in the category is related to you through marriage, but isn't a blood relative, they will appear in the second section, in order of the number of degrees of separation.

Our connection checks are limited to about one million of your closest relatives. (More specifically: We use an advanced algorithm that gathers connected profiles by generation. When we reach one million relatives we stop at this generation without going to the next generation. So, the one millionth relative is included, along with all others in the same generation. For people who still aren't connected, we then check in the other direction, starting from the other people as opposed to starting from you. We check at least 10 generations for each one to see if anyone within those connections is connected to any of your one million or so connections.) For unlimited connection results, use the Connection Finder.

Click to see your relationship

To see how any person in the results connects to you, click the tiny icon next to the number of generations/degrees that looks like two arrows pointed at each other. relationship.gif

How to search more than 200

The maximum number of simultaneous searches is 200. This matches the maximum number of profiles that can be displayed on a single category page.

When a category contains more than 200 profiles, click the "Next" button above or below the names to see more. The Next button will appear on the category pages and on your My Connections results. You can page forward in either place.

You can also start at a deeper category page. For example, you could click the My Connections button that appears on Unsourced Profiles: W instead of the first page where you see people whose surnames start with A.

Featured Connections

For some interesting results, see our recent Featured Connections. Be sure to click on subcategories, such as:

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