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"Non-Biological" is a Relationship Status level. Here is why and how to use it.


What is the "Non-Biological" status indicator?

"Non-Biological" is a Relationship Status choice for mothers and fathers. It is parallel to Uncertain, Confident and Confirmed with DNA.

It should be used when you are confident that the connected parent is not the birth parent, but the birth parent is unknown or the family prefers to have an adoptive or step-parent appear on profiles and family trees.

For deep ancestry it is important to use biological parents when they are known. But for modern, private profiles, it's up to the families. See Help:Adoptions and Multiple Parents for more information.

What are the Privacy Factors?

The Non-Biological setting is as public as a person's family tree. It will be public unless a person's Privacy Level is below Private with a Public Family Tree.

Keep in mind that it will always be visible to family members with Trusted List access. If this is a family secret, don't record it anywhere on WikiTree.

What Does this Setting Do?

Non-Biological indicators are used:

  1. In our DNA test connections system. Connections stop at non-biological relationships.
  2. In DNA Ancestors and DNA Descendants pages.
  3. In multiple places on the Relationship Finder.
  4. In the list of children at the bottom of Family Group Sheets.

They do not currently appear on profiles or other family tree views.

How Do You Mark Children or Siblings as Non-Biological?

Only mothers and fathers can be set as Non-Biological. See the edit page on any profile and look for the buttons beneath the links to the parents in the right column.

To mark a child or sibling as non-biological, go to the child or sibling's profile and edit the setting for their parents.

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