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How are LGBTQ+ issues handled on WikiTree?

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Same-Sex Couples

There's nothing on WikiTree that requires a marriage to be between a man and a woman.

Even though WikiTree doesn't require traditional family structures, it does assume them in certain contexts. For example, if you add a spouse to a woman, the system will assume that the spouse's Sex at Birth is male. This is just the default. You can still make a woman the wife of another woman.

It is also possible for a child to have two male parents or two female parents on WikiTree. This is often appropriate for modern people when used in combination with Non-Biological indicators. For non-living people, we generally use genetic connections when they're known.

Sex Changes and Transgender Persons

See the changes made in April 2022 explained on Help:Sex and Gender.

Explain It

Our database fields are limited, but the biography space is not. You should use the text section of profiles to explain non-traditional family structures and link to any parents or children that don't neatly fit in the family tree.

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