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There are a number of different types of pages on WikiTree. Since most pages on WikiTree are created by members, it's important for advanced members to know the difference between the main types.


Person Profiles

These are the most fundamental. They are pages about people.

The page names for person profiles are WikiTree IDs, e.g. Franklin-1.

Free-Space Profiles

These are profiles of anything other than people. They can be used to profile a place, house, pet, project, etc.

There are no strict limits on how to use these pages. However, they should generally profile one thing in particular, as opposed to a group of things, for which you would use a category instead.

Free-space page names are prefixed with "Space:".


Categories are used to group other pages together.

Almost no content should go on category pages. For example, if a category groups people buried in a particular cemetery and there is general information about the cemetery, it should go on a free-space profile and the category page should link to it.

Category page names are prefixed with "Category:".

Project Pages

These are pages to describe WikiTree projects and provide information for project members.

See Project Pages for more information about using project pages.

Project page names are prefixed with "Project:". Though, many projects are now Free-Space Projects and start with "Space:".

Help Pages

These are for pages on how to use WikiTree itself or how to participate in the community.

In the past, we created some genealogy help pages, i.e. pages about how to research genealogy. However, these are being phased out in favor of free-space profile pages managed by individual members.

Help pages are prefixed with "Help:".

You may notice some help pages are prefixed with "Docs:". These are private documentation pages used by WikiTree Leaders and Team Members.

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