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Person profiles are the essential building blocks of WikiTree. (There are also free-space profiles for describing places, events, pets, and things that have been important to you or your ancestors. Click here for more on the difference between the two types of profiles.)


Profiles of People

Every person on our growing worldwide family tree has a profile page. Here's an example.

At the top of the left column is the person's full formal name and dates. This is followed by their spouse, siblings, and children. Clicking any of these names will take you to that other person's profile.

You can add or change any information by clicking the Edit tab.

The heart of the page is the text/narrative section. This is for the Biography and Sources.

Beneath the narrative is a section for Memories about the person.

In the right column is space for Photos. There is also a Comments section for you to post messages for other people working on this person's family history.

Sensitive information on a profile is private by default if the person is living. The profile can be set as more or less private by the manager from the Privacy tab.

Modern profiles can only be edited by the family members on the profile's Trusted List. Open profiles can be edited by any Wiki Genealogist who has signed the Honor Code.

Creating New Profiles of People

See Creating a New Person and Adding Family.

Additional Details

Advanced WikiTreers may be interested in the following.

Passive, pending, and active profiles

All person profiles on WikiTree — profiles for genealogists, their family members, and long-dead ancestors — look essentially the same but they may be passive, pending, or active.

A profile without an e-mail address is passive. These are usually profiles for non-living people. They are created, edited, and managed by others.

When you invite someone to join by adding an e-mail address to their profile it is considered pending. When the person accepts the invitation and creates their own password they "take possession" of the person profile and it becomes active.

Real individuals only

Person profiles on WikiTree should represent real, individual human beings who were born on Earth in the past two thousand years.

Profiles cannot be created for:

  • unborn children,
  • fictional or mythical people,[1]
  • families or husband-and-wife teams, or
  • organizations, businesses, or other groups.

Free-Space Profiles can be created for these purposes.

There are a small group of exceptions used by the WikiTree Team and Leaders for specific WikiTree purposes. These include:

All of these must use the Last Name at Birth and Current Last Name of Example or WikiTree. This keeps them from polluting and confusing surname index pages, search results, etc. Non-person profiles can only be created by the WikiTree Team.

  1. If a profile has been created for a person and it later becomes clear that the person never existed, the profile doesn't necessarily need to be merged-away or removed. It does need to be removed if the supposed person is BC/BCE. Otherwise, it may be helpful to leave the profile with a full explanation, especially if others might try to add the person in the future. See Category:Uncertain Existence and Template:Uncertain_Existence. Additional information is outlined on About Frauds and Fabrications Categories.

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