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We may be developing new rules about personal categorization. This has not yet been discussed in our community. Use them with caution.

Personal categories are an advanced categorization option. See Help:Categorization for an introduction to categories.


Personal Categories

A personal category is a category that is named with your WikiTree ID.

Each WikiTree ID is unique so when you make a category named with your ID you are making a unique category. You can add subcategories to it or you can just use it alone to hold notes and profiles on which you need to do additional work.

For example, if W. G. Example (Example-6) were to use a person category it would be [[Category:Example-6]].

How To Set Up Your Personal Category

At the top of your biography box, type your WikiTree ID in like this: [[Category:YourID-9999]]

Put your WikiTree ID where you see "YourID-9999".

After you save your changes and view your profile, the category link you just created will be red as the category has not yet been saved. That red category link will take you to your new main category page. Add the parent category at the top: [[Category:Personal Categories]]. You will see an option to save the page, which you will want to do before leaving this page. You can also make notes here for yourself in the text box.

After you save the category the first time you will not have to save the category again. All you have to do after this point is put the category in the biography text box of a profile and save your work.

Making Sub-Categories

If you want more organization in your personal category you can create subcategories. For example, if you need to clean up a profile's biography, but you don't have time right now, you can just add it to your personal category or you can make a subcategory called:

[[Category:YourID-9999 Clean up biography]]

Always start any personal subcategories with your ID.

At the top of a new subcategory page's edit box, put in your main category: [[Category:YourID-9999]]. This makes it a subcategory of your personal category.

Caution: Please Read

Do not use personal categories on Pre-1700 Profiles or Project-Protected Profiles. They are generally only recommended for use on Private and Public profiles. When used on Open profiles, their use should be considered temporary. That is, only use the category for as long as you need it. When you are done your personal project, remove the personal category from the Open profile.

We may be developing more style rules in the near future about which profiles should be personally categorized, how many profiles should be in a personal category, etc. This has not yet been discussed in the community. If you would like to lead a discussion, see Help:Developing New Rules.

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