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The following is an advanced categorization option. See Help:Categorization for an introduction to categories.


Personal Categories

A personal category is a category that is named with your WikiTree ID.

Each WikiTree ID is unique so when you make a category named with your ID you are making a unique category that will be there exclusively for your use. You can add subcategories to it or you can just use it alone to hold notes and profiles on which you need to do additional work.


Here is an example of a profile that uses a personal category:

Father Sample

Here is the Category that Father Samples uses:


How To Set Up Your Personal Category

1. Go to your profile and click on the edit tab to edit your biography section.

2. At the top of your biography box, type your WikiTree ID in like this:


Just put your personal WikiTree ID where you see "YourID-9999".

This is the way all categories on WikiTree are made:

  • two brackets
  • the word "Category" followed by a colon
  • the name of the new category
  • two brackets to close.

3. Save your work!

4. Now, view your profile page either with the public or private view option.

Click on the category link that you just created. It will be your WikiTree ID, and will be red as the category has not yet been saved. Categories show up as green once they have been saved.

5. That red category link will take you to your new main category page. Add the parent category at the top: [[Category:Personal Categories]]. You will see an option to save the page, which you will want to do before leaving this page. You can also make notes here for yourself in the text box. This is completely up to you as this is your personal work space and there is no style you must follow.

Others can see your personal category but it is designated as your space. No one should ever change anything about another member's personal category.

After you save the category the first time you will not have to save the category again. All you have to do after this point is put the category in the biography text box of any profile and save your work. The profile will show up in your personal category and be a reminder to you that you want to do some additional work on that profile.

Making Sub-Categories

If you want some more organization in your personal category you can create subcategories, which can make this personal space even more useful.

For example, if you need to clean up a profile's biography, but you don't have time right now, you can just add it to your personal category or you can make a subcategory called

[[Category:YourID-9999 Clean up biography]]

The advantage of making subcategories is that when you look at your personal category you can tell exactly what kind of work needs to be done on the profile you have listed there without going to the category itself.

This is how you make subcategories:

1. Go to the profile that you want to remind yourself to come back to.

2. Open up the profile to edit it. At the top of the biography box, type in

[[Category:YourID-9999 Clean up biography]]

or whatever you want to call your subcategory. It could be called

[[Category:YourID-9999 Needs cleaning]] or

[[Category:YourID-9999 Rearrange research]]

or whatever is appropriate for the work you want to do. How you name your subcategories is up to you. There is no limit on the amount of subcategories you can make and there are no naming restrictions other than starting the new subcategory with your WikiTree ID.

3. Before leaving the edit view be sure to save your work.

4. Go back to the private or public view of the page and click on the red category link. Sound familiar? This are exactly the same steps we did when we first made our personal category above. We are making another new category so like we did when making our personal category we need to save it the first time it is used.

5. You are now on the newly created category page. This is where we add something additional.

At the top of the new category page's edit box, put in your main category:


Adding your personal category at the top of the text box makes this new category a subcategory of your personal category. From this point on this new subcategory will show up on your personal category page.

6. Make any notes you want in the text box and save the category.

Now, your new subcategory is ready to be used anytime you need to note a profile to come back to. You can use this for any number of things you are working on to keep profiles you want to do additional work on well organized.

Caution: Please Read

Some important caveats before using personal categories:

  • Always start any personal subcategories with your ID so that it goes to your list. Otherwise, it just becomes a regular category.
  • Follow special characters instructions defined on General Rules for Category Names.
  • We generally do not use personal categories on Pre-1700 Profiles or Project-Protected Profiles.
  • As a matter of courtesy don't delete a personal category off an Open profile without checking first with the person whose category it is.
  • Do not alter or change anything on someone else's personal category pages.
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