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There are many things that we require members to understand before adding or editing profiles of people born before 1700. There are more serious restrictions on adding and editing people born before 1500.

If you're an advanced genealogist you will probably understand the need for these restrictions. And if you're an experienced WikiTree member you will probably be thankful for them. Numerous sources propagate incorrect information on pre-1500 people.


Pre-1500 Requirements

The Pre-1500 Certified badge is required for adding or editing pre-1500 profiles.


GEDCOMs: Pre-1700 profiles cannot be imported through GEDCOMs even when the uploading member has Pre-1700 and Pre-1500 Certification.

Merging: Anyone can propose a merge of duplicate profiles. You also don't need Pre-1500 Certification to approve a merge. The standard rules on approvals apply. However, you need the certification to complete a merge if either person is born before 1500. Before working on these merges, see the help page on project protecting and merging.

Adding Information without Certification

If you don't have Pre-1500 Certification you can still contribute information about pre-1500 people. We welcome your help.

Anyone can post comments on pre-1500 profiles, and anyone can write a G2G post linked to the profile. Use one of these means or contact the appropriate project if you have something to add.

Please do not add images to pre-1500 profiles without certification.

For more tips, see Pre-1500 Work without a Badge.

Pre-1500 Certification

After you are pre-1700 certified and gained experience providing sources and editing early profiles on WikiTree you can request pre-1500 certification. You will be asked to:

Please don't take offense if you are not an advanced wiki genealogist. Medieval genealogy is not as easy as it may seem. Collaborating on a single family tree adds many more complications. We should all be thankful to the patient and generous genealogists who are willing and able to contribute to our shared deep ancestry here.

Awarding the Badge

Requests are submitted to a group of volunteer WikiTree Project Leaders.

Project Leaders deliberate on awarding the badge. Not all Project Leaders have the badge and Project Leaders cannot award it to themselves. It is a group decision.

Since prior participation in a Pre-1700 project is required for the badge the group always asks for the opinion of the appropriate Project Leader or Coordinator.

Response time

We aim to make decisions on badges within two days. However, this may not always be possible.

If you have requested the badge and haven't heard back, or would like to add more information, email the group at

Explanations of denials

Deliberations on requests is done on a private email list. Many members would not like to have their contributions discussed in a public forum.

However, we do strive for a fair and objective system. If your request wasn't approved you should have received an explanation that includes suggestions for where you need to improve or expand your knowledge of WikiTree. A denial is never definitive or permanent unless your account has been closed.

If you are not satisfied with the explanation or think it's unfair, you are welcome to post it to G2G for public discussion.

Removal of the badge

A member who has the badge may later have it removed or suspended.

WikiTree Rangers monitor pre-1500 activity. If a member is making changes that aren't in accordance with WikiTree styles and standards — some of which are very hard to apply — the badge may be suspended while the member is mentored.

As with denials, mentoring and badge removals are usually done privately, but if you don't feel you are being treated fairly you are welcome to discuss the issue(s) publicly in G2G.

Note that Pre-1500 Certified members are expected to help with pre-1500 profiles on WikiTree. If you are no longer interested in contributing to pre-1500 profiles, the badge should be removed.

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