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WikiTree offers extensive privacy controls and our Honor Code says that users must always respect the privacy concerns of others. Nevertheless, conflicts will arise between family members regarding what information should be online.


Contact the Profile Manager

When you see private information about family members publicly displayed on WikiTree, contact the Profile Manager.

The manager is usually the person who posted the information. They can set a profile as totally Unlisted, make it an anonymous placeholder, or remove specific information.

If they are not told about your privacy concerns they may post the information again. There is also a good chance they are posting it elsewhere on the Internet.

You can contact the manager through the private message link on the profile.

Disagreements about Privacy

Family members often disagree about how much family history should be made public.

On WikiTree, individuals can request that any information about themselves or a minor be removed, no questions asked. See the section on privacy take-down requests below.

How much information about a non-living parent should be on WikiTree is up to the children. Information about grandparents is up to the grandchildren, etc. Siblings and cousins need to work out disagreements between each other. See Privacy Conflicts for more information.

Take-Down Requests

This should only be done in emergencies or when the profile manager refuses to make the change.

Our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Acceptable Use Policy represent the entire agreement between users and WikiTree.

You can use the "take-down request" form linked from the profile (if the tree is private) or from the Contact section of the Tree & Tools page (if the tree is public) in the following cases only. The profile must be for:

  • you, or
  • an individual for whom you are the parent or legal guardian, or for whom you are communicating as their sole designated representative, or
  • a child under 13.

If you see your name listed as a child on your parent's profile you do not need to send a separate request. The link will automatically be removed when your profile is removed or made private.

Removal from Google

When information on WikiTree (or any other website) is removed or changed, it will not instantly disappear from search results on Google.

Google stores its own copy of all the websites it indexes. Their copies are often a few days old. They will generally be updated within a few days.

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