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WikiTree's Private Message system lets members receive email without revealing their email addresses.


How to Send Private Messages

To send a message, look for the "[send private message]" link on a member's profile. This forms generates an email to the recipient.


The Private Message system keeps the recipient's email address private. It does not keep the sender's email address private.

When you send a message your email address will be visible to the recipient. They may choose to reply to you by email.

Carbon Copies

You will receive a copy via email of the Private Messages you send. The WikiTree system does not retain copies of Private Messages you send or receive.

30-Message Limit

You can only send 30 messages per day. Unfortunately, we needed to implement this limit for everyone after problems with spammers.

If a message was sent successfully, you will see the "Message Sent" page after submitting the form, and you will receive a carbon copy.

If you try to send a 31st message, you will see a yellow status message at the top of the form when you submit it.

See Help:Daily Limits on Messages for more explanation.

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