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As a general rule, profiles should not be creatively decorated or designed.

WikiTree has style rules to avoid and defuse conflicts between members. Style rules are objective standards on how a profile should look. (See the Style FAQ for basic information about style rules.)

It's almost impossible to develop objective rules for aesthetic design issues. For example, let's say one descendant likes a certain photograph of an ancestor and wants it to be the primary photo for the ancestor's profile. Another descendant prefers a different photo. Who is right? These are difficult issues to resolve. Here are guidelines to help avoid problems.



Almost all creativity with text is discouraged, e.g. centering and the use of colored and different fonts, font sizes, and font colors, centering and creative alignment.

We do not allow CSS and HTML to add color or other design elements. See HTML and Inline CSS.

Background Images

Background images are set at the discretion of Profile Managers and other members, but if any descendant objects to the use of a background image, it should be removed and not replaced.

Profile Photos

If a descendant objects to the usage of an image, an attempt should be made to accommodate them. See Problems with Members if an easy solution cannot be found.


Animations and moving images are discouraged in all contexts. They should be removed upon request.

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