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When you hover over a link to a person profile without clicking on it, a box will pop up with key information about the person and their WikiTree profile.

Sample preview window.

For example, put your cursor over this link: Benjamin Franklin.

If you are on a mobile device these may not work for you. Phone and tablet browsers don't generally let you hover over links. If you touch a link you go the page. In Android you may be able to see the previews by touching and holding the link, but it may not have the same utility for you as for desktop users.

Tree Navigation within Previews

Preview windows include links to the person's father and mother. If the person was married or has children, there will also be links to displaying the spouses or children. If you hover over a family member's name, the preview window will switch to displaying their information. This enables you to navigate up and down trees without leaving the page you are on.

If you have navigated forward within a preview window you can click the left arrow (←) in the upper-left corner of the window to return to the previous preview.


Previews are privacy-controlled. If you are viewing the preview for a private profile and you are on the Trusted List, you will see information that others do not see. For example, if you are viewing your own preview you will see your full birth date and birth location, but others will only see your birth decade, like on your profile.

Turning Previews Off and On

Logged-in members can completely disable Profile Previews from their Settings Page. They can later be re-enabled in the same way.

In addition, there are two links to turning them off from the preview windows themselves. At the bottom of the window you should see these two links:

  1. [turn off previews]: This is the same as clicking "Disable Profile Previews" on your Settings Page. You will not see any previews unless you re-enable them.
  2. [turn off temporarily]: This turns them off for the page you are currently viewing. If you reload the page or click to another page, they will start appearing again.

If you are not logged-in you can disable them temporarily with the "[hide previews]" link. They will return when you reload the page or visit another page.

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