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Profiles of people, places, and things can be edited by clicking the "Edit" tab on the page.

Profiles have distinct sections for the Biography, Memories, and Comments. What is the difference between these three important sections?

Biographies and Sources

This free wiki text section is collaborative and neutral in its voice.

For example:

"Mildred's grandchildren fondly remember her cookies."

Privacy factor: On a private profile you can choose to make this section public but it's private by default.

Personal Memories

This section is for first-person text. It could be used for anything you want to write in your own voice.

For example:

"I loved Gramma's special cookies."

Privacy factor: This section is always private on private profiles.

Public Comments

This section is for comments and messages between WikiTree members. You can use it to communicate with other members of your family or with total strangers or distant relatives you'd like to collaborate with.

For example:

"Jimmy, didn't you tell me some story about Gramma's cookies? Maybe you could post it in the Memories section of her page?"

For example:

"I'm looking for anyone who might have known my grandmother while she was in school. If you knew her, please post a note here!"

Privacy factor: This section is always public.

Profiles of active members may also have a Genealogist Section.

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