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Profiles for individuals born BC/BCE are not allowed on WikiTree. They were never enabled technically (it's impossible to enter negative dates) and it was decided by Leaders and Team Members that it would not be worth changing the system to accommodate them. Everything that's known about them is published elsewhere on the Internet, such as on Wikipedia.

We want to delete any existing BCE profiles. Here's what to do if you find a BCE profile.


Post a Comment

First add a message to the profile's comment section so that those who have collaborated on it know that the change is coming.

You might say something like this:

Hi. Our community has decided to delete all BCE profiles. I'm sorry if this means you've wasted effort here. Although the rule has been in place for years some people didn't know about it and it has been unequally enforced. That's led others to complain that they couldn't add BCE profiles. So, to be consistent, the plan is to add a category and this notice on BCE profiles when they are found, then shortly after a team member will delete the profile. See [[Help:Profiles BCE]] for more explanation.

If the same members are managing multiple profiles in the same family group or line, you only need to post a comment on one of the profiles.

Add Notice

At the same time you post the comment, or soon after, add a message like this to the top of the profile:

<div class="HIGHLIGHT">This profile will be deleted soon. Please don't add additional information. See [[Help:Profiles BCE]] for more information. ~~~~</div>

Also add the category: BCE Profiles.

Profile Deletion

Profiles will need to be deleted by a team member. Go to Category:BCE Profiles and pick a profile to start with. Open their family tree and go as far back as possible. Work down the line deleting previous generations as you go. Be sure to follow the lines of any spouses to ensure those BCE profiles are also deleted.

Sysop marked as redirect

Please do not delete these. Many of them still have families attached that need to be addressed


Jack Day: Ales, Here are BCE profiles I've reviewed and copied information into Space:Legendary_Ancestors_of_Vortigern: ap Afallach-3, Bran-2, Siluria-1, Lleddiarth-1, Bran-3, Britain-9, Britain-82, Great'-1, Fendigaid-5, Ana-6.

Also check

  • Wikitree+ BC in location fields. I will do it after dump.

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